2018 Week 7 Challenge

Week 6 was a disaster. My stress levels went to an entire new level. I could hardly cope with my weekly challenges. I could not fall asleep on most of the days. This week I am going to focus mainly on understanding my stress patterns and deal with reducing it.   Review of Week 6 […]

2018 Week 6 Challenge

Week 5 was the fastest week so far. Even though I tried to take a break from writing, time flew fast. Tomorrow is a break day. So I am posting it today itself.   Review of Week 5 1.Book of the week: Everybody writes After reading a third of the book, I realised that it […]

2018 January Review and February Goals

I just realized that today is the first day of February. Since I have been following the weekly goals, I totally forgot about the monthly review. The change is difficult to measure at a week level, it gives a better picture when seen at a month level. January Review:   1.Reading books:   I used […]

2018 Week 5 Challenge

Week 4 was a week of studying. I read my advanced psychology books and made notes. It was so insightful. Review of Week 4   1.Book of the week: Thank you for arguing It really taught me how to argue. It is a book with step by step instructions and examples of conversations on how […]

How to stop feeling guilty?

The other day I committed a grave mistake in office. No damage occurred but a lot of time went down the drain. I should have been a bit more careful and double checked the code.   The moment I realised that a mistake happened I felt guilty. I did not have a face to face […]

Family Traditions: Why they matter?

As soon as January comes, it was a bunch of excitement in my school days. On the 31st December night, my dad used to get three different types of potato chips. Then we used to play chits till clock stroke 12 and sleep only after calling all the relatives. During Pongal, we prepare a special […]

Why you should not fear failure?

Thomas Alva Edison invented the electric bulb in 1879. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the US. J K Rowling wrote the best-selling book series. Are we talking about successful people here? We are just talking about their success. What about the efforts behind the scene? What if Edison left experiment on bulb at […]

How to feel powerful

My friend wanted to be a civil servant. Whenever I asked him why civil services, he said “ I want to be powerful. Power gives you everything you need.” Another friend of mine, looks at civil services as the most powerless jobs. He is someone who can keep all his bosses under his control. Who […]

Why should you forgive?

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. I was angry with a friend. She insulted me. Her words were replaying in my head over and again. Whenever I had some free time, those words came up […]

Why is comparing yourself to others bad for you?

Ram and Shyam went to the same coaching center to prepare for GMAT. They discussed together and wrote the exam on the same day. Ram scored 740 while Shyam scored 670. Shyam has highly dissatisfied and went around telling people how Ram was lucky to get 740 even though both prepared together.   What does […]