Overcome Procrastination Workshop

Got to know how to reduce and stop procrastination which we do in our daily life. This was useful to list out the work and do accordingly. I reduced my procrastination and did few of my works on time using the tips I learnt in the workshop.


16 years

Mindfulness Workshop

In the workshop, simple, easy and relatable steps to practice mindfulness were taught. I was able to take a small step towards the mindfulness journey.


27 years

I found my life partner

The interactive session on defining my priorities/goals in life has been crucial in choosing my life partner. I feel so surprised that the man I finally chose had many qualities identified as a non negotiable attribute through your session. It’s like a dream come true for me, as I never believed making such a list would help me find such a person then. Thank you for helping me define what I was looking for and pushing me in realising my dream.


31 years

I found my purpose

I reached out to Nikitha to help me find my purpose and after each session I felt “I am learning so much about myself”. I have a well earning job but I felt I was wasting away my time after work. I could have done a lot of things. My purpose went from teaching school children to being someone who wants to spread awareness on staying healthy. Once I discovered my purpose, habits coaching helped me build habits around that and today I feel I achieved lot more in the past few months compared to the time I left college. Looking forward to the future sessions!


30 years

Mindfulness Workshop

Taking some time for my personal to get relax to my mind and it helps to my whole day schedule. Listening my favourite music… Keeping my mind peaceful 😊

Usha Sri

36 years

Habits Workshop

Thanks Nikitha for the session , very informative to understand the purpose of habit .Noting down the reasons for not being able to get used to a new habit was very helpful to me .


29 years

Mindfulness Workshop

t’s high time to understand how normal things work out in daily life and your session was beneficial to focus whole heartedly onto what we do everyday with open senses … Thanks for the session Nikitha…😊

Bharat Kumar

34 years

Mindfulness Workshop

The Mindfulness Workshop helped me pick a mindfulness technique for practice daily. It helped me set the right attitude and realistic expectations which I hope would let me continue practicing without giving up.


24 years

Habits Workshop

I’ve attended Habits workshop to develop productive habits and improve my efficiency. Workshop organised by Nikitha has aptly served the purpose and the concepts explained by her are very much useful to develop any habit easily. Visualisation at the end of the workshop helped me to relax and understand the concepts explained by her during the workshop. Wish to attend more such workshops from Nikitha.

Shamili Nyalakonda

29 years

Habits Workshop

The habits workshop was very insightful in helping me understand how the human mind works, and how we can use that to develop new habits. Loads of examples were given, some from the organiser’s personal habit building journey. I’m sure following those steps would help me build the habits i wanted easily!


29 years

Anger Management Workshop

“Understand Anger Workshop helped me learn how to debug anger. I started identifying triggers of my anger and observing my thoughts closely when in anger which is reducing undesired suffering.”


Anger Management Workshop

“Emotional Intelligence Workshop conceptually broke down the emotion of anger for me by focusing on the primary factors that cause it. The rational analysis put forth and the activities held in the workshop helped me put my past incidents in a matured perspective, giving me more information to process and quell my anger. I ended up picking a method from some hacks suggested in the session that helps channelize my anger positively. I would like to have more such sessions! Thank you!”


28 years
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