2018 Week 9 Challenge

Week 8 was a bit stressful again. But singing was the best part of my day. It took away all the stress and kept me happy. I made a huge progress in a lot of areas.

Review of Week 8

1.Book of the week: The hidden tools of comedy
The beginning of this book was a bit boring. I spent time on reading books on astrology and a novel instead of this book. I will be reading it next week because it is really essential for me to learn how to write in a humorous way.
2.Course of the week: Think again
I finished first two weeks of the course. It is a very time taking course but worth the time spent on it. A friend who already took the course told me that he can find fallacies in the conversations after taking the course. I am hoping to reach that stage too.
3.Habit of the Week: Affirmations
Every morning and night, I was repeating affirmations to attract what I want into my life. So far I could not succeed in getting them. May be I am doing it with a doubt or I need to start off at a smaller level of just wishing myself a good day. I need to learn how to do it in a better way where I can see the results for the affirmations.
This was the best part of my day throughout the week. Initially I just started off with singing my favourite song and recording it. But later I discovered an app called Smule. It was fun singing in collaboration with other singers on it. I was spending almost an hour on it everyday. It made my heart lighter and happier. I will continue it this week too.
It is taking a lot of time to study and write assignments. I am happy that I started at least now before it was too late. I totally lost the habit of studying. It was really difficult to get back on track.

Challenges for Week 9

1.Book of the week: The hidden tools of comedy
Since I did not read this book much last week, I am obliged to finish it this week.
2.Course of the week: Think again
This course consumed my book reading time last week. So I will just do one week of the course instead of being greedy to finish it all at once.
3.Habit of the Week: Decision Tracker
From the time you wake to the time you sleep you make at least 30,000 decisions. Of these, some of them are really critical and other ones are routine. I will try to be more aware of the decisions I am making. This will help me understand the value system which drives my life. Also I will learn strategies to reduce the number of trivial decisions I take everyday so that I will have enough space left to think of the important ones.
4.No whatsapp
I don’t text a lot. But I got into a bad habit of checking notifications every now and then. I find it a very annoying and time killing habit. I uninstalled it today. I won’t install it for a week unless it is absolutely required to reach out to someone. I will read a page of book whenever I am reminded of checking notifications.
Apart from the above, I will continue singing and better my style of affirmations and visualization.
That is all for the next week.
How was your week 8? What are your plans for week 9? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 9!

2018 Week 8 Challenge

It was good to get back to normal in Week 7. I wrote 10,000 words for my book which had been pending since the beginning of this year.

Review of Week 7

1.Book of the week: Why zebras don’t get ulcers
The first few pages of the book was interesting where the author explained how being exposed to constant stress can cause not only the entire spectrum of stress related diseases but also reduce immunity. But with repeated explanation of same thing for each disease was a bit boring.
Did it serve the purpose for which I picked it up? No. But whenever I feel stressed now, I tell myself that my life is more important than the problem I am stressing over.
2.Course of the week: Personal Branding
The course is not my type of course at all. There is hardly any useful content. I can just pick the headings and do my own reading from various other sources to learn more about this topic. I will park this topic aside for some other month.
3.Habit of the Week: Sick day tracker
I was sick the entire week so there was nothing to actually track.
The easiest way to compliment is to tell a girl that she looks beautiful or her dress is great. I got away with this in this week. I need to find learn to compliment at a deeper level.
I haven’t opened my laptop in the evenings at all this week. Thus I ended up spending no time on my blog work.
6.Language Learning
My office friend decided to stop talking to me as she was not able to follow my Tamil. But I am happy that I made some effort towards speaking.
I did Zentangles on 3 days of this week. It felt good to lose myself in it.
8.Comedy TV series:
I haven’t found any TV series but a youtube series in my mother tongue cracks me up. I watched those to include some laughter in my day.

Challenges for Week 8

1.Book of the week: The hidden tools of comedy
My writing style has reached a plateau. I want to make it a little interesting. A bit of humour doesn’t hurt. Hence this book.
2.Course of the week: Think again 1 – How to win arguments
As a continuation of learning how to argue, I want to see if there is something new I can learn from this course.
3.Habit of the Week: Affirmations
I want to attract positive energy into my life by repeating positive affirmations. I will prepare a list and practise them by repeating the words while visualizing them.
Even though I don’t have a beautiful voice, according to Brene Brown singing is one way of living a wholehearted life. I will sing to the tune of my favourite songs to destress in the evenings.
5.Psychology course
I have exams in 3 months. It is high time I focus on it. I will spend my evenings in studying for my psychology exams.
That is all for the next week.
How was your week 7? What are your plans for week 8? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 8!

2018 Week 7 Challenge

Week 6 was a disaster. My stress levels went to an entire new level. I could hardly cope with my weekly challenges. I could not fall asleep on most of the days. This week I am going to focus mainly on understanding my stress patterns and deal with reducing it.

Review of Week 6

1.Book of the week:
I hardly read any books this week. I was preoccupied with other personal problems which ate me up totally. Reading a book could have helped me deal with the stress but I realised that I was under stress when I looked back today.
2.Course of the week: Personal Branding
I prefer doing courses while commuting. The volume of the audio of the course is too low due to which I could not complete the entire syllabus I planned for this week.
3.Habit of the Week: Sleep tracker
I logged into my sleep tracker on 4 days this week. I wake up then and write down the thoughts which repeat in loop the entire night. After that, I plug a course from coursera where the voice of the author has a calming effect. There might be other audios too which can soothe the mind, but I am yet to find them. The reason why I choose courses is it makes me feel that I am not wasting my time by trying to fall asleep.
4.Exercise Routine:
I exercised on 3 days of this week. Exercise helped a little to cope with the stress.
On the first day, I offered my food to a hungry person. On the second day, I helped a friend in composing a mail. The third day, I lended my phone charger. I gifted a chocolate on the fourth day. I gave unsolicited advice on the next day. On the sixth day, I helped my friend experiment her photography skills on me. Today, I did an astrological reading to my friend.
Though these are really small ones, I think it is good to at least start off with something than doing nothing.
I did editing work just on two days of the week. Rest of the week, I forgot that I was a writer who needed to edit her work.
7.Language Learning
I haven’t touched this challenge at all this week.
Even though I am planning my clothes for the week, I am yet to organise my wardrobe.
9.Quilling paper earrings
I did this on just 2 days.
Overall, since the beginning of this year, this was the first week where I struggled to stay with my routine. I hope to deal with my stress this week and get back to normal life quickly. If not for the weekly challenges, I would have spent an entire month feeling stressful instead of recognizing it.
The one good thing about this week was I went to a friend’s place and spent quality time with her. I can call this as another milestone in socializing.

Challenges for Week 7

1.Book of the week: Why zebras don’t get ulcers
When I searched for the books to help me deal with stress, I found that this one has a few scientific methods to deal with it. So let me try this to understand my problem and solve it.
2.Course of the week: Personal Branding
I will find some time in the evening after I am back home to finish this course.
3.Habit of the Week: Sick day tracker
I have suddenly become quite allergic due to which I am falling sick very frequently. I want to keep a track of this which might help me figure the triggers for my allergy.
I will find something genuinely interesting about others and compliment them. This helps in not only making good friends but will help me in connecting with others.
I will just spend 10 minutes on this and edit one article a day.
6.Language Learning
I will select a song for this week and learn a few words from it. I will speak at least one sentence with my Tamil friends to develop the fluency of speaking in tamil.
7. Zentangles
I have been doodling all the day today. It helped me deal with stress. This week I will go back to zentangles to destress myself.
8.Comedy TV series:
I need some fun in life to deal with stress. I have to laugh at least for some time a day. Even though I find it a waste of time, I need some entertainment in life to escape from reality for a while. This will act like a painkiller while I treat the root cause.
That is all for the next week.
How was your week 6? What are your plans for week 7? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 7!

2018 Week 6 Challenge

Week 5 was the fastest week so far. Even though I tried to take a break from writing, time flew fast. Tomorrow is a break day. So I am posting it today itself.

Review of Week 5

1.Book of the week: Everybody writes

After reading a third of the book, I realised that it was not a book to be finished off in a week. Every chapter I read had action points on how I can become a better writer. I can learn only one thing at a time to make the learning last for a longer time.

2.Course of the week: Influence People

This course changed the way I look at relations. My friend once told me about how to maintain relations in life. I understood his concept better after doing this course. May be a lot of people out there are smart enough to figure these out naturally, but for me it is a life changing course.

3.Habit of the Week: Free Writing

If you ever want a quick way to deal with stress, go for this exercise. Open a blank sheet or grab a sheet of paper and start writing. All the things which are worrying you start flowing as words. Once the words take birth, your stress loses its life.

The simple reason behind this is you worry about things because you distort your thoughts. Once you write them down, you understand the distortions. Once that is clear, your mind clears up.

4.Exercise Routine:

I had a terrible leg pain due to exercising for too long. Sometimes this makes me wonder if I should take an expert advice on creating a perfect exercise routine.


Two of my newly made friends told me their secrets which they were not comfortable sharing with larger audience. This is the third milestone in socializing.

Challenges for Week 6

1.Book of the week:

I asked my friends to lend me a book. Two of them were gracious enough to do it. I will read them since I am obliged to return them. Apart from that, I had a realization today that I have to start studying for my psychology exams. I need to prioritize that over the other books which I read. So this week, even though I am on a break from reading, I am still reading other books.

2.Course of the week: Personal Branding

I heard this term over and again but I did not really know what it means. While doing the influence people course, the speaker mentioned that it matters a lot how people talk about you and you play a major role in what people talk about you. So I will do first two weeks of this course to understand what all this is about.

3.Habit of the Week: Sleep tracker

I had a lot of trouble sleeping last month. I want to go back to my original way of having a sound sleep. I will write down the thoughts which are not letting me sleep and what remedies work on me and what don’t.

4.Exercise Routine:

I will be doing planks and push-ups apart from the regular plan.


Socializing has become a habit for me now. I will just keep updating if I come across new milestones.

The next step to this is to learn to give or offer help to people around me. Not with an intention to get back help but to become a more helpful and kind person.

When I initially started socializing, I had no clue on how to proceed. But today, I feel more confident than what I was before to talk with people.

Similarly, I might stumble on the first few days in not knowing how to help people but I will eventually figure out a way.


I have learnt a few tips on how to write better from ‘Everybody writes’ book. Now it is my turn to learn editing. This week I am going to spend time on mastering a few of the tips mentioned in the book.

7.Language Learning

Radio is too fast for me. I will go back to learning from songs. I will select a song for this week and learn a few words from it. I will speak at least one sentence with my Tamil friends to develop the fluency of speaking in tamil.


My wardrobe is a mess. I will bring a structure to it and maintain it.

9. Quiling paper earrings

It has been a long while that I did a piece of art. The quilling paper raw material that I got is lying idle in my shelf for more than four months now. I also need matching earrings for the new clothes I bought. So it is a perfect time now for me to start doing them.

That is all for the next week.

How was your week 5? What are your plans for week 6? Let us know in the comments section.

Happy Week 6!

2018 January Review and February Goals

I just realized that today is the first day of February. Since I have been following the weekly goals, I totally forgot about the monthly review. The change is difficult to measure at a week level, it gives a better picture when seen at a month level.

January Review:

1.Reading books:
I used to have the bad habit of starting a book and then jumping to another new book and come back to the first book after a few months. Due to that habit, I used to lose track of what the book was in the first place. By reading a book a week, it forces me to stick to the book and finish it.
The downside of this method is that when I finish the book I won’t be able to go back to it and implement what I learnt. So this defeats the purpose of reading for the sake of implementing what I have learnt.
I will make some tweaks to this method to make it work in my favour.
I finished Viral marketing course on coursera. I am on the verge of finishing Influence people course too. These two are more like psychology courses than courses which teach ready to implement information. It is an action for me to make a to-do list to implement what I learn.
3.Behavioral changes:
At a week level even though it was easy to implement them, I became careless about them after the week. The one week was not sufficient to make that a habit.
This was the best and worst habit of the month. I made a lot of friends. I am measuring the depth of the friendship with the amount of personal information they were willing to share with me and the amount of fun I can have with them. Even though I could not find anyone who I can connect with, it was still a successful experiment.
The downside of it was productivity during office hours took a toll. I was spending way too much time on socializing that I found it tough to come back and get into a flow state.
The best part of the month was I started going for a run in the morning again. This gives me an opportunity to go admire the sun rise over the beach daily. It also brings a big smile on my face and a good start for the day.
The downside of this was I was not able to do yoga after coming back from running in the initial few days.

Plans for February:

1.Reading books:
I will quit the one book per week. Instead I will go for one change a week. I will not quit reading books but then I will read multiple ones at the same time but the reason for switching will not be getting bored but it will be not implementing the change yet. If the book has not many immediately actionable items, then I will finish it. For example, Tiny beautiful things was a book which can be read in one sitting. It is a beautiful book. There is no immediate implementation steps there. But the Feeling good book has so many exercises to be done. So finishing it in one go will make the book useless.
This month I totally forgot push-ups and planks. Now I want to get back to them and also squats along with the last month exercise routine.
3.Behavioral changes:
I will experiment with different types of journaling every week of the next month.
I will keep a time count and reduce the amount of time I speak with people. I will move to socializing in groups than talking to individuals as this will help me with connecting with a lot of people while reducing the time spent on this exercise.
Creating a piece of art not only enhances creativity but also helps in relaxing. I will spend at least a few minutes in making crafts, zentangles and painting.
How was your January? What are your plans for February?
Happy Feb!