2018 Week 22 Challenges

The best part of the week was discovering another part of the city and realise that residential areas are so peaceful. Sometimes changing the location alone brings a lot of change in thoughts.

Review of Week 21

1.Book of the week: Highly sensitive people in love
I could read just 10% more due to other commitments. At the same time, I started reading a novel to escape from reality.
2.Habit of the Week: Don’t comment
It is one of the most difficult challenges I ever took. I learned to tone down my voice and talk in a peaceful way irrespective of how I feel. It ate up a lot of my patience but eventually I will learn to accept people for what they are and not expect them to behave in a certain way.
3.Study for exams
I started writing mock exams which is helping me in recalling the content.

Challenges for Week 22

1.Book of the week: Highly sensitive people in love
I will finish the remaining 60% of the book this week.
2.Habit of the Week: ‘Why’
I work on an autopilot mode all the time. Now is a time to revisit the ‘Why’ behind a lot of things I do. It sorts my priorities in life.
3.Study for exams
I will revise 4 chapters a day this week to check how much I have retained over the weeks. This gives me confidence to face the exams.
4.Cook Lunch
I want to start small. The first step is to cook my lunch daily. Even though the experiments might fail initially, eventually I will master the art of cooking.
How was your week 21? What are your plans for week 22? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 22!

2018 Week 21 Challenges

The last week was a buzzing week. I had relatives at home and everyday was different in its own way which made the week a special one.

Review of Week 20

1.Book of the week: 12 Rules for Life
I couldn’t read this book but happened to stumble on ‘Highly sensitive people in love’. This book helped me fill the missing pieces in my head on how I understand an introvert. Highly sensitive people form 20% of the population and their nervous system is to be blamed for them to be that way. Next time you find someone sensitive, don’t ask them to be stronger but accept them for what they are. It makes them feel loved as everyone else tells them that they shouldn’t be what they are.
2.Habit of the Week: Free writing
I set out 15 minutes everyday for this and wrote non stop. It helped me relieve the stress of the day.
3.Study for exams
I didn’t do a great job but studying in the mornings was helpful.

Challenges for Week 21

1.Book of the week: Highly sensitive people in love
I finished 30% of the book last week. Even though the style of writing is not that great, I am sure to find some gems to ponder on in this book.
2.Habit of the Week: Don’t comment
I have offended way too many people by speaking whatever came to my mind. If someone takes forever to open a cover which can be opened in a second, I feel restless. I feel like saying “Give it to me. I will open it quickly.” When I expect others to accept me for what I am, I should also accept others for what they are. I will stop judging people and comment on whatever their little imperfections are. Their tiny habits define them. Let them be the way they are. They are beautiful that way.
3.Study for exams
I want to finish 4 chapters a day to cover as much syllabus as possible. I will also start writing mock exams so that it acts as revision.
How was your week 20? What are your plans for week 21? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 21!

2018 Week 20 Challenges

The best part of the week is I got an offer to be an official photographer for my budding skills. Apart from that, my book came as a recommendation for a friend to whom I didn’t tell about my book. It was a memorable week overall.

Review of Week 19

1.Book of the week: 12 Rules for Life
I could read only the first two chapters. The first chapter was the same concept what I read in Learned optimism but he explained it by talking about lobsters. Second chapter was a bit confusing. As far as it goes, it is good.
2.Habit of the Week: Thought tracker
As usual, this helped me act on the long pending items which had been bothering me.
3.Study for exams
This didn’t go as planned. I have hardly studied anything this week due to other unforeseen commitments.
I was not able to meditate or sleep early also daily. On the contrary, I had to stretch too late on most of the days.

Challenges for Week 20

1.Book of the week: 12 Rules for Life
I will continue reading this book this week too.
2.Habit of the Week: Free writing
This is again a repetition of the exercise I did a few months. It helps in letting go off all the worries and makes you feel healed.
3.Study for exams
I need to sit at a place with no distractions and study for one hour at a time to finish the syllabus at a faster pace.
How was your week 19? What are your plans for week 20? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 20!

2018 Week 19 Challenge


Review of Week 18

1.Book of the week: Notes to Myself
I finished it in one night. It was very soothing and healing. An unputdownable book it was. Since I had the remaining week left, I started reading Veronika decides to die. Even that was an interesting read though I am yet to finish it.
2.Habit of the Week: Calligraphy
I did not have the cognitive resources to learn something from a scratch. I decided to postpone this to a later point of time when I am relaxed and have enough time to explore.
3.Study for exams
Since I am getting back to studies after a long time, I found it a bit tough. I kept doing it with 10 minutes of study and 5 minute break. At this stage, I am happy that I started than count the amount of time I am studying for.

Challenges for Week 18

1.Book of the week: 12 Rules for Life
I came across this book in the suggestions of 5 life changing books by James Altucher. Usually the books he suggests are great. So I want to read this for this week.
2.Habit of the Week: Thought tracker
It is a repetition of what I did previously. But it is one of the exercises which helped me significantly to move forward in life. So I need this again this week to get back on track after the lazy last week.
3.Study for exams
I need to read at a longer stretch and recall the subject better. I will get more serious about it this week.
It is high time that I get serious about meditating. It is one of the best ways to beat stress and focus better in life.
5.Sleep early
I have been waking up by 5 but since I am sleeping late in the night, I have been suffering from sleeplessness. I will sleep by 10 so that I feel fresh when I wake up in the morning.
How was your week 18? What are your plans for week 19? Let us know in the comments section.
Happy Week 19!

2018 April Review & May Plan

April has been amazing month. I have higher expectations from myself for the coming months for what I did in this month. I clicked a few wonderful photographs which helped me discover my creative side in photography. Also the release of my first book, which I wrote in 3 weeks were some of the moments which made April a very grateful month.

Review of April

1.Publish book
It was elated to publish my first book. More than the writing part, it was the discipline which I developed through the weekly and monthly challenges which I have been doing helped me achieve this.
2.Finish assignments
Each assignment I finished made me feel accomplished. It looked like an insurmountable task at the beginning, but when I broke it into parts it was doable.
I could complete a bit of syllabus during morning commute time but there is a whole lot of it left still.
I could not get time for courses at all as I was busy with the book.

Plan for May

There is only one major goal for May. It is study for the exams which I have in June. I need to take a break from my extracurriculars to concentrate on my academics.
I will cover the small impromptu plans for May in the weekly goals.
How was your April? What are your plans for May?
Happy May!