Book Review – Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Author: Travis Bradberry
Print Edition | Kindle
I love the book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. Since I wanted to learn deeply about emotional intelligence, I picked up emotional intelligence 2.0 hoping that it is an advanced version of the first. But I was heavily disappointed. It hardly had anything new for me to learn. I didn’t have any insightful moments through the book. In fact, more than emotional intelligence, it was a book on mental health. The book I had started writing on depression had the same points which were mentioned in this book.
The book starts off with an example to show the importance of EQ over IQ and then he goes on to explain that IQ is static. It is a very bold statement to say that IQ is static because there have been real life cases where the IQ increased over time.
The author wanted to show off that it is statistically backed by highlighting them but it looked like they were just picked up from somewhere and were not framed in the right way. For example, performance at work is not just dependent on EQ. The other factors were not explicitly mentioned. Similarly, the case with increase in income.
I found the chapter 3 unnecessary as one entire chapter was dedicated to show examples of emotionally intelligent and not so intelligent people. Those examples were not really required as they don’t add a lot of value to the book. Instead, if the author would have mentioned how to receive feedback from others about myself and then show the comparison about where I lie, it would have been helpful.
The next few chapters gives you strategies which you would have already tried in your life if you cared about your wellbeing. I was happy after I knew my triggers. When I am lost in turbulence of emotions, I ask why. I read books which help me find words to my emotions. My favourite songs are the ones I deeply connect with. If I am anxious, I breathe in and breathe out. We all know that we need to treat stress before it eats us up. Everything I achieved in my life would not have been possible without an accountability partner. I watch people around me to see what they are going through. I think what might be running in their minds. I watch movies to see how people react in different situations.
I can go on and on. But I choose to stop here. If I must put this in a simpler way, whatever was mentioned in the book, I already tried and tested them. They help you lead a happier life but I am not sure if the same can be called as an emotionally intelligent life.
In case, if you don’t already lead a happy life and have no knowledge of emotional intelligence, then this book is for you. It is one of the basic books you can start off with which gives you simple tips on taking control over your emotions. But if you are looking at some advanced science, you will be disappointed.

2018 July Review & August Goals

July was one hell of an interesting month. I fared really bad when it comes to challenges I set for myself but each day was special in its own way that it ended up being a memorable month.

Review of July

This month definitely showed me that staying positive can create wonders. I felt everything was coming my way without me putting in much efforts. It was amazing. But I still need to be more regular in affirmations.
I could not succeed in this as I had tough time in going to sleep early. But once, I set my sleep timings, I followed exercise diligently. I feel lighter and happier after I got back to exercising.
Even though my cooking time has not reduced significantly, the taste of the food has improved significantly. I don’t stress out too much on what to eat but I still have a long way to go.
It was not possible to learn a word daily but I could learn 21 words so far. It was fun to create a story out of the words I learnt. This exercise made me realise that most of the english word roots have latin origin. It strengthened my memory because it makes me recall all the words daily.
I could finish only Elements of style out of all the books. I hope to finish two more books this month. I went back to whatever I wrote in the past and edited them based on the rules I learnt.
6.Knowledge on finance
I made time for the first few days with a great difficulty but could not continue it later.
All I am perfect with is one rule – What’s needed is a sound intellectual framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework

Plans for August

I realised that I have not been productive in the last month because of which I was not able to accomplish the goals. This month I will talk as little as possible, reduce the time I spend on WhatsApp, Instagram and Quora and cut down on worrying which will help me make time for the things which really matter in life.
1.Books for the month
Apart from the books on finance and editing, I want to read the books Emotional intelligence 2.0 and The language of emotional intelligence. If I am still left with time, I will reread The art of learning and the inner game of tennis which will help me do the research for my next book.
I will meditate at least for 5 minutes daily. I will be more mindful when I eat and worry less. I will go for meditation classes if required.
I will do at least 5 minutes of body weight exercise daily. 2 minutes for squats and 2 minutes for planks and one minute of push-ups. 5 more minutes for surya namaskaras. This way I will ensure to get at least 10 minutes of exercise daily.
I will write at least 10000 words for my second book. To reach this target, I need to aim for at least 300 words a day. Apart from that, I will get back to writing by starting off with book reviews.
5.Talk to strangers
I have lost the habit of initiating conversations with strangers. Most of the acquaintances I made in office last year seem to have left now. So I will talk to at least ten strangers in the next one month to start it off again.
The methodology I used last month for learning words is time taking but it is helping to stick to a schedule in learning and retaining words. I will continue the same this month too.
7.Stay Happy
I decided to choose to stay happy every day. It has worked wonders so far. Hoping to continue to do the same for this entire month.
That’s all for August.
How was your july? What are your plans for August?
Happy August!