2019 Week 9 Goals

Week 8 was one hell of a tiring week. I was so lost that I missed 52 day Duolingo streak.

Review of week 8

1.Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
I didn’t have the mental bandwidth to start a new book. But I skimmed through two books which gave me reference points for the book I was writing.
1000 words was too lofty a goal. All I could manage was extensive list of ideas and points I want to include in the book. I think that was a good start as I had been noting down points at random times in the day and night. Now I have a rough structure to start writing for a solid framework.

Plans for week 9

1.Free Writing
I have done this multiple times in the past but this is something I love going back to. It helps me destress and get clarity on what I am pursuing.
I want to make some solid progress this week instead of just collection of points. I will try to write rough sentences instead of just bullet points.
That is all for this week.
How was your week 8? What are your plans for week 9?
Happy week 9!

2019 Week 8

Week 7 was one of the most memorable weeks of my life.

I had significantly smiled more than any other week. One of the most ecstatic smiles of mine were captured this week.
2.No complaint
Since I prepared my mind to not complain, I automatically started thinking from others point of view. This was one of the most amazing experiences I had this week. I felt that I moved up a rung in the ladder of maturity by practicing this.

Plans for week 8

1.Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
I am not sure if the book is of my type. But it had been on my reading list since forever. I want to give it a shot and get enlightened.
I will write 1000 words a day to get content ready for the book I am going to publish by April end. I had started writing a lot of books since the time I published my last book but I could not bring any to completion. I won’t say that was a futile effort. I will go back to them some day. Right now, I want to have a weekly target and bring at least one book to shape.
That is all for this week.
How was your week 7? What are your plans for week 8?
Happy week 8!

2019 Week 7 Challenges

Week 6 had been a fruitful week. I learned to prioritize my goals over the other work and got back into the track of taking care of myself.
1.Eat a fruit a day
On the first day, I had pomegranate. I love this fruit but at the same time it takes so long to peel. Then I alternated the rest of the week with musk melon and pomegranate. It was difficult to make time to have fruits over the weekend.
I started off the week with exercising twice a day. On a few days, if I didn’t have time to exercise in the morning, I did a few warm up exercises during the day whenever I found some time in between.
3.Sleep well
I had started working from home to compensate for the hours I didn’t sleep in the night. This sort of helped me catch-up with my sleep and helped me stay sane.
4.Skin care
I did a mixture of things to take care of my skin.

  1. Olive oil
  2. Oats with milk
  3. Turmeric
  4. Steam

5.Reduced worry
For the first time, I reduced worrying a bit. I started letting go off things which I can’t fix and took action on what I can fix. I stopped worrying about future and learned to focus on the present.

Plans for week 7

No complaining. Irrespective of whatever happens, I will look at the positive side of it. If I feel the urge to complain, I will write it in my diary and see what I can do to fix it.
I will do stretching and skipping for this week.
I will cut down on processed food. I will try to eat as less processed sugar as possible.
iii)Skin care
I will just stick to turmeric, curd and honey as the skin care routine for this week.
Smile more. I will keep reminder throughout the day and keep smiling at regular intervals. Smile on the lips tricks the brain that everything is fine.
Talk only when required. Usually, it is advised to talk appropriately to develop relations. But during a few times, it is advisable to shut your mouth as much as possible than to speak something which can damage a relationship.
How was your week 6?
What are your plans for week 7?
Happy week 7!

2019 Week 6

This week was no better but the best part was getting back to writing and exercising.
1.Getting back to writing
Writing is an integral part of my life. Without it a part of me is disconnected. Even though my week was going bad, one thing which helped me destress was writing. Getting back to Quora was one of the best things I did this week. When others find my answers useful and tell me that I inspire them to be what they are right now, it gives me immense satisfaction. The comments on my answers on the first two days were on those lines. On the third day, Sean Kernan, a top Quoran upvoted my answer. That literally made my day. It was just that morning I was wondering how should my answer quality be if I someone like Sean has to upvote it. Sometimes it is so easy to attract what you want in life.
Irrespective of when I wake up, I made it a point that I was exercising at least for a few minutes if not for one hour. This helped me deal with stress better.
Writing diary helped me get back the connection with myself. It helps me put words to the emotions I feel there by reducing the emotions and increasing the logic. It helped me get back to my goals sooner as it is like a daily review.

Plans for week 6

I had been suffering from insomnia for quite sometime now. This has been taking a toll on other areas of my life. I want to make sure that I get at least 8 hours sleep and stop looking like a zombie.
I will go jogging at least for 10 minutes every morning.
I will eat at least one fruit a day.
iii)Skin care
I will apply something natural every night to bring a glow to my skin.
Worry is the major killer of time. Every time I start worrying, I will divert my mind to do what is the need of the minute.
That’s all for this week.
How was your week 5? What are your goals for week 6?
Happy week 6!