December 2016

How to be happy – Course Review

Course Name: How To Be Happy- What the scientists don’t want you to know Website: Udemy Link: CONTENTS: How gratitude and self-love are keys to happiness 5 steps to happiness How love and relationships help in happiness Characteristics of a happy person Design your own life – what is your life purpose WHY I […]

Devaluing Happiness

As the title says, happiness is ranked at a lower level than other priorities in life. You might be wondering  why will someone ever do that. But in reality, most of us do this in some decision or the other in our daily life. But it does not look obvious. Hence we don’t realize that. […]

Google Keep vs One Note

In the middle of a busy work, do random, exciting, creative ideas cross your mind? Do you out of nowhere think of all the places you want to visit in the world? Have you again forgotten the grocery list? Do you want to have the list of books you want to read handy and keep […]

Unlock your happiness by gifting

Festival time! Secret Santa! Christmas tree filled with gifts! The excitement is in the air!   “What gift do you want?”   “I have a secret gift for you.”   Well, well!   Why do we gift? Gifts are a token of appreciation, interest, love you have for the receiver. You are sending signals on how […]

Flow – Being in the Moment

‘Mindfulness’, ‘Be in the present’,’Just enjoy the moment’- You must have often heard these statements. You might know what that could mean or you might not know what that might not mean. But all those terms can be understood by practising flow.  What is this flow? Today I came across this word in a course […]

Declutter – Make your life more organised

  Sounds like a mundane task. Doesn’t it? I can find the things I want even if my room is cluttered. Why do I have to bother myself with decluttering? Research says that decluttering has many benefits. According to the author of the book “Happiness Project”, there are six different types of clutters:   Nostalgic […]

When is the right time to write a journal?

Did you ever think about writing a diary? You must have been an introvert if you did so. Not that extroverts should not think about it. But what happened then? Did you start writing? Were you scared of privacy? Did you think it was a waste of time? I am an introvert and diary is […]

Have a bad habit? Break it now!

‘Bad habits’- All of us have them. Do we need to feel bad about them? May be yes, may be no. But it is a definite yes, if it is affecting your life. Even I had one such bad habit which was impairing my life. Below is my story on how I got over it. […]

A life of Happiness and Fulfilment

This was my second course on Coursera. The title speaks for itself. But why have I selected this as the second course? I have followed the steps which I mentioned in the previous article. Selection of Course: Who does not want to be happy?  But there is more to happiness than just the feeling of being happy. Research […]

The Need to Belong

I feel so lonely. I just wish I had someone who can understand me. Everyone of us feel this at some point or the other. But what if someone feels this way every day? Is it still considered as normal? There are a few who feel this almost everyday. They need constant love and attention. […]