January 2017

Zentangle your way to happiness

Mona: Did you hear about meditation? Sona: Who doesn’t know it? It is something I have tried and failed Mona: Did you hear about doodling? That is the only thing I do in classes. Sona: How can I not know about it? Mona: How about combining those both? Sona: What?! Mona: Yeah, you heard it […]

Revisiting Photos can make you happy

Do you go back and look at your old photographs? Do you show your old photographs when someone close to you visits your house? If you ever did either of them, you already know the happiness photographs give. If you didn’t, you will know it now. Last weekend, I wanted to organize the files on my laptop. […]

Bucket list – Why and How to have one?

A genie asks you to wish for what you want in life. It is not just three like the traditional genies but unlimited. What will you ask for? I want to be an astronaut. I want to travel around the world. I want to eat that Italian dish. I want to publish a best seller […]

Shhh! No Gossiping

“Can you hear the sounds in the neighbor’s house? I wonder what they are fighting over. Carrie told me that she doubts her husband. It is probably about that. How mean he is!” “Rita has been lately staying at home. Did she lose her job?” At a party, “Rony had been spending quite a huge […]

Organizing things paves way to Organised life

“Mommy! Where is my school bag?” “Darling! Have you seen my belt?” “I can’t find the file I need to take to work today.” A common scene in every house in the mornings. Despite being a daily headache, hardly any of us bother to come back in the evening and set things right. A few articles […]