March 2017

I write a diary. What next?

  Have you written your diary today? If you have not written yet, read this and start writing your diary today. If you have already been writing, I am happy for you. You are already enjoying the benefits of it. But are there more ways to benefit from it? You don’t have to spend any extra […]

Why should you write a diary?

  Have you ever wanted someone to write about you? Or have you ever wanted to write about yourself?  Even if you haven’t, then writing a diary might still be for you.  Somebody might just be able to learn something about your life (even if that somebody is you).   Writing a diary might not […]

12 signs that you are wasting your life

  It is just one life so just enjoy it. If you are really enjoying it in creating productive stuff, then good for you. But most of the time people confuse enjoying to whiling away time. They think gossiping all day or watching TV all the day is enjoyment.  Why not say it is just […]