April 2017

Book Review: The one thing

  Author: Gary Keller, Jay Papasan Print Copy | E-book ‘The one thing’ is the one book you read to know all that is required to be successful. When I saw the chapters I thought it was going to be just another book with the same old stuff. The content is same. Not denying it. […]

What is really required for success?

There are many misconceptions on success. You hear a lot of stories. You hold a lot of false beliefs in your head. You are at the right place now. Read further and change your beliefs. Tough Love vs pampering love Pampering love feels safe and cosy. All of us crave for it. Everyone believes that […]

This small exercise will help you discover yourself

How much time do you spend on knowing about your favorite celebrity? You read and watch every small thing about the celebrity. If I were to ask you a random question about that celebrity, you have the answer ready What if I ask the same question about you? You will stumble. Why do you spend […]

The one thing which is stopping you from achieving your dreams

Riya: “I want to open my painting gallery.” Suma: “That’s great! When are you doing it?” Riya: “” Suma: “What are you thinking?” Riya: “I don’t know when?” Are you like Riya? Why are you not pursuing your dreams? I am sorry to ask you this question in the beginning of the post. Let’s keep […]

Recipe for making resolutions come true

It’s April already! Three months have passed in the new year. In the beginning of the year, I did not have any new year resolutions. Because too many resolutions for an entire year is just overwhelming. Hence I started off with monthly resolutions. I could not stick to them due to various unforeseen situations. I […]