May 2017

3 Lessons I learnt in May

I can’t believe that today is the last day of May. May be it is!  Reviews are scary at times. But they help us face the reality. Reality of May: In the last post, I mentioned two things which were my priority for May – Meditation, learning Tamil. Meditation: The only improvement in it was […]

5 Daily Routines which will make you a better person

Days come. Days go.    What has changed?    Have you increased weight because of unhealthy habits? Have you lost weight due to stress?    Is your life stagnant?   Whatever it might be. It is never too late to see a stark improvement. I am sharing my favourite picture for you to feel inspired. […]

6 Lessons learnt from sticking to resolutions in April

April is gone. Here comes May. How did April go? What is April teaching May?   Last month I introduced you to the idea of Monthly resolutions. I declared my resolutions for April. Was I able to stick with all of them? The one thing I wanted to change: Wake up at 6 AM   […]