June 2017

How to overcome self-pity and become mentally stronger

Mona: “I am the most unlucky person in the world. Entire world is against me.” Sona: “What happened?” Mona: “Everything bad happens only to me.” Sona: “Why do you think so negatively?” Mona: “What else do you think I should do? No one treats me well.” Does Mona really have a lot of problems to […]

Is reading self-improvement books really helpful?

Mona: “I feel I have wasted all my 20’s.” Sona: “It’s okay. You can read self-improvement books and become better now.” Mona: “Varun gave me a similar suggestion recently. But I see no improvement.” Sona: “Oh! Is it ?” Mona: “Yeah! I wonder if self-improvement books really bring any change!” It is not just the […]

Book Review: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Author: Amy Morin It is one of the most useful books I ever read. I get a few questions on Quora on how to become mentally strong. But I never had clarity on it. I did not know what constitutes mental strength. When I observed people, I found a few kids who are mentally strong […]

Course Review: Mental Math Tricks to become a human calculator

Course Name: Mental Math Tricks to be a human calculator Website: Udemy Contents: Lesson 1. Introduction to Mental Math  Lesson 2. LR Addition & Subtraction  Lesson 3. LR Multiplication Lesson 4. Basic Multiplication  Lesson 5. Squaring  Lesson 6 & 7. Advanced Multiplication  Lesson 8. UT Method  Lesson 9. FP Division  Lesson 10. DS Checking  Why I chose this course? I have been doing […]