July 2017

7 Reasons why you should not work overtime

Ravi: “Hey What’s up? What plans for weekend?” Rohan: “ Nothing yaar. I have some office work to do.” Ravi: “ Don’t you need a break” Rohan: “ I do. But work is more important” Is work really more important than taking a break ? Are they really after work? Or are they escaping reality […]

11 Things I learnt today from a small activity

In the book, ‘Gifts of imperfection’, the author mentions that everyday we are exposed to thousands of advertisements. We need to be critical about everything we see. I have been pondering about this. It stuck me that why just critically question things. Why can’t I learn something from them? The following are the lessons I […]

11 Small things which can improve your productivity

I have been giving excuses to take actions for the big dreams of my life. When I looked at the excuses closely, I realised that they were not really excuses. The big things in life need the small things to be right. Once they are all set, if you still give excuses you are blaming […]

12 Books which made me a better person

Books leave an imprint on our lives. When you don’t have direct access to mentors, they take up that role and do a wonderful job. The following books have been a mentor for me:   1) Thinking fast and slow: By Daniel Kahneman Print Copy It exposes you to all the cognitive biases. Even though […]

Why should you read books?

The other day I had the following conversation with friend: I : “People consider me a nerd” Friend: “Well, reading books is not that bad. It is same as watching movies. Just the medium differs.” I: “Right! It is just that people don’t get that. The lazy ones who don’t want to imagine or the […]

Why less is more

Whether you call it as ‘80/20 rule’ or ‘the one thing’ or ‘minimalist way of life’, they are all different versions of less is more. You achieve more by doing less. Is more money equivalent to more happiness? Money can definitely buy happiness but after which happiness does not depend on money. Same is the […]

The one thing if you change will make you live life to the fullest

This morning while exercising, I felt lazy to do a new variety of Pranayamam which my grandmother asked me to do. She suggested that so that my morning sneezes will vanish. It has been a month she has told me and I have not taken any action on it. I was wondering why I am […]

5 Ways to deal with negative emotions

Sarah and John were involved in a heated argument. Sarah could not control her anger. She hit her phone on the ground. John reacted to it. He hit the lamp on the ground. Who is at loss now? Both of them. They have a broken phone and a broken lamp. And glass pieces on the […]

How to keep your brain sharp and active

  I was down with typhoid when I was 17. It was a time when I was preparing for competitive exams for entrance to top engineering colleges in India. Due to illness, I was hospitalised. I was under medication for a month. The only thing I did was take rest. At the end of the […]

3 Mistakes you are making when learning new things

John: “I spend so much time on browsing and knowledge sharing websites.” Mary: “That’s great. You get to learn so many new things daily.” John: “Yes. But what I learn does not stick for long. Also, it is all random.” Mary: “ Then, is it just a hobby?” Growth is highly correlated to happiness. Learning […]