September 2017

4 Amazing Must-Watch TED Talks

  I came across watch a Ted talk everyday challenge at multiple places. But that is not the reason why I watched. I watched a TED talk because I had lot of mobile data. Keeping aside the jokes, I wanted to see how a TED talk can change my life. To your surprise and my […]

How to think positively when everything is going wrong?

“Why should it rain on the day I have an important meeting?” “How am I supposed to go to office without it affecting my clothes?” “Why should there be so much traffic only today?”   There is no end to the train of negative thoughts. The meeting which would have went awesome will go okay […]

Book Review: Even Happier

Who does not want to be more happy? As I was searching for more books on happiness, I stumbled upon this. I have been doing research on happiness for a year now but this was the first time I came across a book which has lots of exercises in it. I was excited to see […]

Why starting your day with notifications is bad

I woke up late today. I was irritated that the medicine I took makes me drowsy. There I put the blame of my over sleep on medicine.One negative thought makes you do another negative thing. I switched on data on my mobile to get some spice in my life. That was the next worst thing […]

30 Lessons in 30 days

What is the one thing which makes you happy? I know the one thing which made me happy since my childhood. I felt happy when I learnt something new. I used to go to the library and spend hours in collecting information. I filled books after books with the nuggets I found. I found true […]

Why I don’t believe quotes blindly

One of my favourite poems in my mother tongue says “Listen to what everyone says. Analyse those words. Separate the truth from the lies and then follow the advice.” Even though I memorised hundreds of poems in school, this is one of the few poems which stuck with me. By god’s grace, I still follow […]

The first thing to do after a massive failure

I failed a lot of times in my life. Even though for a lot of people it does not look like failure, it was failure for me. I failed to achieve realistic and achievable goals I set for myself. Have you failed any time in life? If you have never failed in life, you either […]

Why should you work on becoming better?

 Do you want to be successful? Do you want a lot of money? Do you want to be famous? Do you want to be happy? If not all the four, you want at least one of the four. And the more you chase it, the more it goes away from you. You work for it […]

This simple exercise will help you take charge of your life

How moody are you on a scale of 1-10? Oh wait! Don’t jump and give your answer. How do you define moodiness? If you have no consistency in what you feel in a short period of time, you can call yourself moody. You can rate yourself 10. If you are a more stable person, even […]

Book Review – The Miracle Morning

Do you think there can be a magic pill to help you become better instantly? This book gives you that ‘Life SAVERS’. The key takeaway from the book is about SAVERS and nothing miraculous about the morning. Even though most of the activities he mentioned are better done in the morning, you can still do […]