December 2017

Do you have this person in your life?

2012   I told my mother – “ Mom, I want to join a CAT coaching center”   2013   I told my friend – “You should join a coaching center for Civil services preparation.”   2014   Friend asked – “ Can you shift to my hostel? We shall study together.”   2015   […]

May be you are ignoring this!

Sometimes in life you need not develop any good habits or do some life changing activities. You have to do something really small. But most of the times, you will not be aware of it. Or you don’t acknowledge it. Or you are so used to the suffering that you will not be willing to […]

6 Reasons you should practice being Silent

  F1:”Nina has been talking non-stop for the past 2 hours. She is the life of the party.” F2: “I wish I were like that.”   It is great to be able to pick up conversation with anyone.   But being silent has its own advantages.   1.You can listen to your true calling:   […]

4 Signs to Quit your Job

When I was in my first job, for the first one year, even though work was hectic and the pay was low, I never felt in the wrong place. My friends who were earning thrice of what I was earning were envious of me. But later things went bad and eventually, I realized I need […]

What is Creative Problem Solving

Riya: “My creativity has gone to sleep. I have not made a painting in a while”   Ritu: “ I love my profession. As a software professional, I don’t require to be creative.”   Do you agree with Ritu?   People praise creativity when it comes to art. But people fail to notice creativity when […]

Does Sudoku make you Smarter?

Mom: “Playing Sudoku makes you smart. I bought a book for you.” Kid (with a sad face): “Okay Mom!”   What is sudoku?   It is a 9*9 grid where each 3*3 grid, row and column should be filled with all 9 digits.(1-9).   Where can you find them?   They are available in daily […]

Zen in the art of writing – Book Review

Author: Ray Bradbury Print Copy | Kindle   This is the first book I started in the series of books I collected to improve my writing skills. I have been frantically searching in the book for advice on how to write better but I hardly found any. Probably I found one in a chapter. I […]

Why is it difficult to change?

  I am tired of listening to the same story my friend repeats over and again. I put a lot of efforts to change her but gave up now. I know that there is no point in trying to persuade her anymore apart from ruining our friendship. Why did she not change?   1.Comfort zone: […]

How to improve your thought process

Sometimes, I find my life stagnant. I wonder what I can do to improve my situation. Only to realize that solution is simple.   We are the product of our thoughts. We need to improve our thought process to see a difference in the way we live.   How to improve the thought process?   […]

14 Things that happen once you start living your dreams

I have been at crossroads a lot of times in my life. I got cold feet and I was not even able to make a move. The last time I was at one, I decided to end this drama forever. I wanted to stop controlling my future. And start living my dreams. Once I started […]