30 day Gratitude Challenge

I was on a 30 day gratitude challenge this October and the challenge changed my life for the better. I felt more positive about myself and the people around me.

Why should you feel grateful? Why should you do a challenge for gratitude?


What is gratitude?


Gratitude is about feeling grateful for all the good things you already have in life. Your life might be in the lowest state. People around you might be mean. But by being grateful you tend to look at the positive side of your life inspite of the negativity around you.


Myths around Gratitude:


I came across gratitude journaling a year ago. I was reluctant to start it because I thought thinking about the positive things makes me feel lazy. I thought it will make me stop aiming for bigger things in life if I focus on the small things. I thought people will cast eyes on my happiness if I talk about what I was grateful for.


All those were myths I held in my head. Looking for the small things to feel grateful for taught me how to search for the good even in the worst. Goals and gratitude are totally two different things. In fact, you will start making progress towards your goals only when you can appreciate the small things you have been doing well.


What are the benefits of gratitude?


1.It increases your happiness


According to the Journal of personality and social psychology, counting the blessings instead of burdens improves your well being. I felt happier when I looked back at my gratitude journal for all the good people have done for me.


2.Changes the way you look at relationship


You might have been in a constant riff with your partner. But once you start gratitude journal by writing about the good things he does for you, your relationship with him improves dramatically. This research has been published by Psychological science.


3.It helps you stay positive


In the month of my 30 day positive challenge, I did gratitude journaling. If not for the gratitude journal it would have been tougher to stay positive. I am grateful for the gratitude journal. Journal of Positive psychology also mentioned that it is helpful to sustain positive emotion.


When should you write it?


1.You can write it as soon as you wake up to greet your day with a positive note.


2.You can write it during the day whenever you feel grateful for something


3.You can write it in the night before you go to sleep so that you have a happy sleep.


What should you be grateful for?



How should you make it a habit?


Join the facebook 30 day gratitude challenge group.



Commit to it and post what you are grateful for daily. You can take a help of the 30 day gratitude file  which I created for you from the above section. Invite your friends too to join the challenge and create a happier society around you.


Happy being grateful!