January 2018

2 Values which guarantee Success

I have nothing to write today. But I am still writing this. I had been sick for the past few days. The medicine makes me feel drowsy. I am writing in that drowsy state. I can put the blame on my illness and take a break. But I know that is not playing a fair […]

How to overcome addictions

I pass a smoking zone. I wonder why there are so many addicts. The cigarette pack shows a damaged lung.But that doesn’t deter a smoker.   I hate that colleague who comes and speaks to me after smoking. It smells awful. I ask him why he smokes. He says “ You breathe in more polluted […]

Course Review: Viral Marketing and How to craft contagious content

Viral Marketing is one of the most amazing courses I did on Coursera. Even though most of the concepts were already known to me, I really appreciate the way it has been explained through illustrations and references to psychology experiments. Even though I prefer to do just a few minutes of course everyday, this was […]

5 Ways to get the most out of your day

You had a great start for the year with lofty resolutions. 15 days into it, you feel lost. You can’t find your path. You feel like a loser. You want to change for the better. You want more out of your life. But nothing seems to be working. You are drowned till your neck in […]

2018- Week 3 Challenge

Week 2 felt like a very long time. I am scared to look back and evaluate how it has been. But then it is time to face the reality. Review of Week 2   1.Book of the week: On Emotional Intelligence   The book has been great. It shows examples of how emotional intelligence can […]

2018- Week 2 Challenge

I can’t believe that week 1 is already over. Time flies so fast. Writing this review at least makes me acknowledge the time which has passed. It also gives me a chance to plan for the next week proactively.   Review of Week 1   1.Book of the week: Fluent in 3 months   I […]

2018- Week 1 Challenge

It is exciting to start the weekly challenges. The problem with monthly challenges was it takes too much time to assess if I am on the right path or not. At a week level, it is easy to track.   So here we go   1.Book of the week: Fluent in 3 Months   It […]

December Review and January Goals

Wish you all a happy new year. Let this year bring more awesomeness into your lives. Even though I am done with reviewing the year, I have not focussed specifically on December goals. So here is the december review. 1.No complaining   This challenge has taught me more about goal setting than about not complaining. […]