Book Review

Zen in the art of writing – Book Review

Author: Ray Bradbury Print Copy | Kindle   This is the first book I started in the series of books I collected to improve my writing skills. I have been frantically searching in the book for advice on how to write better but I hardly found any. Probably I found one in a chapter. I […]

Grit- The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Grit- The Power of Passion and Perseverance Author – Angela Duckworth Print Copy | E-Book   I wish I read this book two years back. No one would have changed their career stream as many times as I did. My mom told me a lot of times to stabilize. I was foolish. I never listened to […]

TED Talks – The official TED guide to public speaking

TED Talks – The official TED guide to public speaking Print Copy I am not going to give a public speech any time soon. I was just curious on what goes into the preparation of those speakers who give amazing talks.You will be surprised if I tell you that you should read it immediately. Even […]

3 Favourite Novels of Bill Gates will make you rethink about life

  More than a book reader, I am a book collector. My week does not pass without checking book recommendations. I developed this obsession for the fear of missing out on the good books. Also reading the recommendations by other writers, it gives me a confidence that the books I am reading are going to […]

Book Review: Even Happier

Who does not want to be more happy? As I was searching for more books on happiness, I stumbled upon this. I have been doing research on happiness for a year now but this was the first time I came across a book which has lots of exercises in it. I was excited to see […]

Book Review – The Miracle Morning

Do you think there can be a magic pill to help you become better instantly? This book gives you that ‘Life SAVERS’. The key takeaway from the book is about SAVERS and nothing miraculous about the morning. Even though most of the activities he mentioned are better done in the morning, you can still do […]

Book Review : Creative Visualization

Do you believe in God? Do you believe in a higher power? Do you believe that universe has infinite energy? I believe that there is some power. But I don’t have an opinion on how it works. I have been reading two books and both books mentioned about the power of visualization. Then I asked […]

Book Review: Big Magic

Do you believe in magic? Not the magician’s tricks. Real magic? I believe. If you read this book and can relate to the story line, you will also start believing in marriage. Don’t read this book if you are looking for a step by step solution to improve creativity. But read it to appreciate creativity […]

Book Review – Stumbling on Happiness

Did I stumble on happiness after reading the book? The author mentions in the beginning of the book that this book is not a guide for how to be more happy in life. But when I am writing a review of this book after a year, I can tell you that all other books on […]

Book Review – The Happiness Project

The book, as the name suggests, was a project took up by Gretchen Rubin, the author, to increase happiness in her life. I came across this book because even I was working on a similar project in my life and I wanted all possible guidance. I started this book almost a year ago but it […]