Course Review

Course Review: Viral Marketing and How to craft contagious content

Viral Marketing is one of the most amazing courses I did on Coursera. Even though most of the concepts were already known to me, I really appreciate the way it has been explained through illustrations and references to psychology experiments. Even though I prefer to do just a few minutes of course everyday, this was […]

Creative Problem Solving- Course Review

Creative Problem Solving Created by: University of Minnesota One day, while I was struggling to find a technical solution to a problem, I heard the most feasible solution from a high level manager. That was when it striked me that it is not subject matter expertise which is going to take you to the top […]

Course Review: Mental Math Tricks to become a human calculator

Course Name: Mental Math Tricks to be a human calculator Website: Udemy Contents: Lesson 1. Introduction to Mental Math  Lesson 2. LR Addition & Subtraction  Lesson 3. LR Multiplication Lesson 4. Basic Multiplication  Lesson 5. Squaring  Lesson 6 & 7. Advanced Multiplication  Lesson 8. UT Method  Lesson 9. FP Division  Lesson 10. DS Checking  Why I chose this course? I have been doing […]

How to be happy – Course Review

Course Name: How To Be Happy- What the scientists don’t want you to know Website: Udemy Link: CONTENTS: How gratitude and self-love are keys to happiness 5 steps to happiness How love and relationships help in happiness Characteristics of a happy person Design your own life – what is your life purpose WHY I […]

A life of Happiness and Fulfilment

This was my second course on Coursera. The title speaks for itself. But why have I selected this as the second course? I have followed the steps which I mentioned in the previous article. Selection of Course: Who does not want to be happy?  But there is more to happiness than just the feeling of being happy. Research […]

Course Review: Improve Self-Confidence

Course Name: Self-confidence:  40 minute self-confidence and self-esteem Website: Udemy Link: CONTENTS: Handling the fear of rejection Confident Body Language Negative self-talk Daily social interactions Practice gratitude Openness Why I am great list WHY I CHOSE THIS COURSE? This is my fourth course. Lately, I have been feeling a little low on my self-esteem and […]