2017 Review

Even though I stick to monthly goals, I quickly want to review how I did in the year overall. Like everyone else, I started my year with new year resolutions but failed in it terribly. Finally I opened my eyes in April and decided to tackle it month by month. That was one of the […]

How was your year?

Just 2 days left for this year to end. Everyone is busy with writing goals for new year dismissing the year gone as a lost year. But this year was special in its own way. How was your year?  Was it a roller coaster ride? Or a journey on a highway?   Whatever it would […]

What do you like about yourself?

  Yesterday, as a part of Secret Santa celebrations, my colleague was asked to boast about himself. All he said was what he liked about himself. We live in a society where talking what we like about ourselves comes under boasting.   I agree that it is not a good practise to talk about yourself […]

30 day Gratitude Challenge

I was on a 30 day gratitude challenge this October and the challenge changed my life for the better. I felt more positive about myself and the people around me. Why should you feel grateful? Why should you do a challenge for gratitude?   What is gratitude?   Gratitude is about feeling grateful for all […]

19 Morning routines which can change your life

In my school days, my mom used to never switch on Television in the morning. She used to ask us to exercise for 5 minutes and then read the lessons for the day. Songs, TV, entertainment, arguments – none of these were allowed.   There lies my foundation of morning routine.   Just that I […]

Do you have this person in your life?

2012   I told my mother – “ Mom, I want to join a CAT coaching center”   2013   I told my friend – “You should join a coaching center for Civil services preparation.”   2014   Friend asked – “ Can you shift to my hostel? We shall study together.”   2015   […]

What is Creative Problem Solving

Riya: “My creativity has gone to sleep. I have not made a painting in a while”   Ritu: “ I love my profession. As a software professional, I don’t require to be creative.”   Do you agree with Ritu?   People praise creativity when it comes to art. But people fail to notice creativity when […]

Does Sudoku make you Smarter?

Mom: “Playing Sudoku makes you smart. I bought a book for you.” Kid (with a sad face): “Okay Mom!”   What is sudoku?   It is a 9*9 grid where each 3*3 grid, row and column should be filled with all 9 digits.(1-9).   Where can you find them?   They are available in daily […]

Why is it difficult to change?

  I am tired of listening to the same story my friend repeats over and again. I put a lot of efforts to change her but gave up now. I know that there is no point in trying to persuade her anymore apart from ruining our friendship. Why did she not change?   1.Comfort zone: […]

How to improve your thought process

Sometimes, I find my life stagnant. I wonder what I can do to improve my situation. Only to realize that solution is simple.   We are the product of our thoughts. We need to improve our thought process to see a difference in the way we live.   How to improve the thought process?   […]