What I learned from 30 day blogging challenge

Phew! It’s 31st July finally! My 30-day blogging challenge ended yesterday. I anticipated the journey to be tough but it was more than tough even after taking precautions. But it made me accomplish my goal of writing regularly. I was struggling so hard to make that habit for the past few months. Finally now, with […]

Beginners Guide: How to make your day perfect?

Will there be someone who does not want their day to be perfect? Absolutely yes. There a lot of people who are addicted to negativity. They can’t imagine their life to be any better. They want their day to go bad so that they have something to complain about. They can put the blame on […]

What keeps you going in tough times?

Writing is not easy. Especially after coming back from work after 14 hours.  It’s tiring. Mind goes blank.  I need to think of a topic which you, my reader will find it useful and inspiring. I need to write content which will make you take action. I am not a genius. Maybe you are not […]

Why you should track your life?

I: “I want a fitbit. I want to track my steps.” Friend: “What are you going to do by tracking your steps?” I: “If I don’t know how much I am walking now, how will I know if I am improving?” Well, it is not just the steps per day. In order to improve in […]

6 Simple Ways to Manage money

Managing money is not as tough as you think. You can manage it in a really simple way. Save before you spend: As soon as you receive your salary every month, set aside a certain amount. Spend from the remaining. Track where you spend: I create an excel sheet to see where I spend the […]

Why should you read books?

The other day I had the following conversation with friend: I : “People consider me a nerd” Friend: “Well, reading books is not that bad. It is same as watching movies. Just the medium differs.” I: “Right! It is just that people don’t get that. The lazy ones who don’t want to imagine or the […]

5 Ways to deal with negative emotions

Sarah and John were involved in a heated argument. Sarah could not control her anger. She hit her phone on the ground. John reacted to it. He hit the lamp on the ground. Who is at loss now? Both of them. They have a broken phone and a broken lamp. And glass pieces on the […]

How to keep your brain sharp and active

I was down with typhoid when I was 17. It was a time when I was preparing for competitive exams for entrance to top engineering colleges in India. Due to illness, I was hospitalised. I was under medication for a month. The only thing I did was take rest. At the end of the month, […]

3 Mistakes you are making when learning new things

John: “I spend so much time on browsing and knowledge sharing websites.” Mary: “That’s great. You get to learn so many new things daily.” John: “Yes. But what I learn does not stick for long. Also, it is all random.” Mary: “ Then, is it just a hobby?” Growth is highly correlated to happiness. Learning […]

4 Things you are doing wrong daily

As a part of your daily life, you have certain routines without which the day doesn’t pass. Did you ever question if you were doing those routines in the right way? Who doesn’t use toothpaste for brushing? All of us do. But do we ever question the amount of paste we need to apply on […]