30 Lessons in 30 days

What is the one thing which makes you happy? I know the one thing which made me happy since my childhood. I felt happy when I learnt something new. I used to go to the library and spend hours in collecting information. I filled books after books with the nuggets I found. I found true […]

Why I don’t believe quotes blindly

One of my favourite poems in my mother tongue says “Listen to what everyone says. Analyse those words. Separate the truth from the lies and then follow the advice.” Even though I memorised hundreds of poems in school, this is one of the few poems which stuck with me. By god’s grace, I still follow […]

Why should you work on becoming better?

 Do you want to be successful? Do you want a lot of money? Do you want to be famous? Do you want to be happy? If not all the four, you want at least one of the four. And the more you chase it, the more it goes away from you. You work for it […]

This simple exercise will help you take charge of your life

How moody are you on a scale of 1-10? Oh wait! Don’t jump and give your answer. How do you define moodiness? If you have no consistency in what you feel in a short period of time, you can call yourself moody. You can rate yourself 10. If you are a more stable person, even […]

Was August an august month? [Review]

  Well, it was.   But it was not too at the same time. As usual, a few things which I planned went well and a few did not. For a change let me start with what did not go well. 30-day Reading challenge: If I have to measure the success of this challenge according […]

10 Life lessons learnt from playing Elevate App

After suffering from lack of apps in a Windows phone, I bought an android phone for the first time last year. I was as excited as a kid who got a new toy. I drowned myself in the quest of finding the right apps for my phone. That was when I came across this app […]

What I learnt in July [July Review]

July is the month which was named after Julius Caesar. Just like him, the month was dictating for me. How did I handle such a dictating month? I buckled under pressure in a few areas. In the few others, I gracefully handled them. What went well? Writing: The highlight or the most time consuming activity […]

What I learned from 30 day blogging challenge

Phew! It’s 31st July finally! My 30-day blogging challenge ended yesterday. I anticipated the journey to be tough but it was more than tough even after taking precautions. But it made me accomplish my goal of writing regularly. I was struggling so hard to make that habit for the past few months. Finally now, with […]

Beginners Guide: How to make your day perfect?

Will there be someone who does not want their day to be perfect? Absolutely yes. There a lot of people who are addicted to negativity. They can’t imagine their life to be any better. They want their day to go bad so that they have something to complain about. They can put the blame on […]

What keeps you going in tough times?

Writing is not easy. Especially after coming back from work after 14 hours.  It’s tiring. Mind goes blank.  I need to think of a topic which you, my reader will find it useful and inspiring. I need to write content which will make you take action. I am not a genius. Maybe you are not […]