What causes depression?

Depression is the product of your thoughts. Your thoughts trigger emotions. The emotions trigger physical discomfort. The discomfort triggers the unproductive behaviour. If you are depressed, you are stuck in this loop forever. The first step to overcome depression is to understand the faulty thought process which is the root cause of endless misery. Even […]

Letter to your future self

Letter to your future self

I came across a letter to your future self while reading Hyperbole and a half.   Dear 25 year old [note: not “Dear 25-year-old me” or “Dear 25-year-old self,” just “Dear 25 year old”],   Do you still like dogs? What is your favarite dog? Do you have a job tranning dogs? Is Murphy still […]

How to find your true self

Since my childhood, I have been intrigued by the question  “Who are you?”   I didn’t know what I am.   If I said  “I am X who works for Y and stays in Z”, does is it answer the question?   Am I the profession I do? Or just my name?   Or should […]

The actual cause of Loneliness

Loneliness is a very loosely used term.   If you say you are lonely, the advise you receive is Mingle more Be social Become attractive Keep yourself occupied Change places Go on a vacation Try a new hobby   The above list will help those who are temporarily lonely. But if you have been experiencing […]

What do you like about yourself?

  Yesterday, as a part of Secret Santa celebrations, my colleague was asked to boast about himself. All he said was what he liked about himself. We live in a society where talking what we like about ourselves comes under boasting.   I agree that it is not a good practise to talk about yourself […]

Why should you do a healing letter exercise?

“We are healed of a suffering only by expressing it to the full.” —Marcel Proust   Is there a tiny devil in your head which keeps speaking all the time? The tiny devil has only one duty. It harbours hate, jealousy and anger. It does not let them go and keeps on reminding you of the […]

Why should you write a thank you letter?

You are always lost in the hustle bustle of life. A lot of friends do a lot of nice things for you. You take it for granted. Don’t you think they deserve some appreciation for all the love they show you? It might be as small as getting groceries for you. It might be as […]

30 day Gratitude Challenge

I was on a 30 day gratitude challenge this October and the challenge changed my life for the better. I felt more positive about myself and the people around me. Why should you feel grateful? Why should you do a challenge for gratitude?   What is gratitude?   Gratitude is about feeling grateful for all […]

How to deal with depression?

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.   Depression is more common than it is recognized or acknowledged. It is okay to be depressed but it is not okay if you don’t accept that it exists.   Symptoms of depression:   1.You either […]

May be you are ignoring this!

Sometimes in life you need not develop any good habits or do some life changing activities. You have to do something really small. But most of the times, you will not be aware of it. Or you don’t acknowledge it. Or you are so used to the suffering that you will not be willing to […]