How to deal with Rejection

Girl Friend : (At the end of 7 years of a relationship) – It is all over ! Boy Friend : Feels dumped Interviewer : You are not selected! Interviewee: Feels rejected I : Can you please help me with this? Friend: I am busy! I : No one wants to help me The situation […]

How to look for the positive in the negative

“Why should it rain on the day I have an important meeting?” “How am I supposed to go to office without it affecting my clothes?” “Why should there be so much traffic only today?”   There is no end to the train of negative thoughts. The meeting which would have went awesome will go okay […]

The first thing to do after a massive failure

I failed a lot of times in my life. Even though for a lot of people it does not look like failure, it was failure for me. I failed to achieve realistic and achievable goals I set for myself. Have you failed any time in life? If you have never failed in life, you either […]

Beginners Guide: How to make your day perfect?

Will there be someone who does not want their day to be perfect? Absolutely yes. There a lot of people who are addicted to negativity. They can’t imagine their life to be any better. They want their day to go bad so that they have something to complain about. They can put the blame on […]

4 Ways to get your daily dose of Laughter

My best friend left the company today. I will miss the friend with whom I can laugh hysterically. I am going to miss that laughter. Are you also missing that friend who makes you laugh? I don’t want to write about the benefits of laughter. Because you already know the endless list of benefits it […]

Why should you stop chasing fame and money

Riya: “ I am not happy with my career.” Sebastin: “ Why is that so?” Riya: “ I am not in the position I want to be in” Sebastin: “ Why does position matter to you?” Riya: “ That is what defines what I am doing in my career.” Well, a lot of us work […]

Why you should be yourself?

I went to watch Dunkirk movie today because I wanted to do something different. Well, I am just rationalizing why I went to a movie. I am not a movie watcher. I haven’t watched a movie in the city I stay till today. But I still went. So if someone asked I have to give […]

11 Things I learnt today from a small activity

In the book, ‘Gifts of imperfection’, the author mentions that everyday we are exposed to thousands of advertisements. We need to be critical about everything we see. I have been pondering about this. It stuck me that why just critically question things. Why can’t I learn something from them? The following are the lessons I […]

Why less is more

Whether you call it as ‘80/20 rule’ or ‘the one thing’ or ‘minimalist way of life’, they are all different versions of less is more. You achieve more by doing less. Is more money equivalent to more happiness? Money can definitely buy happiness but after which happiness does not depend on money. Same is the […]

The one thing if you change will make you live life to the fullest

This morning while exercising, I felt lazy to do a new variety of Pranayamam which my grandmother asked me to do. She suggested that so that my morning sneezes will vanish. It has been a month she has told me and I have not taken any action on it. I was wondering why I am […]