Why you should be yourself?

I went to watch Dunkirk movie today because I wanted to do something different. Well, I am just rationalizing why I went to a movie. I am not a movie watcher. I haven’t watched a movie in the city I stay till today. But I still went. So if someone asked I have to give […]

11 Things I learnt today from a small activity

In the book, ‘Gifts of imperfection’, the author mentions that everyday we are exposed to thousands of advertisements. We need to be critical about everything we see. I have been pondering about this. It stuck me that why just critically question things. Why can’t I learn something from them? The following are the lessons I […]

Why less is more

Whether you call it as ‘80/20 rule’ or ‘the one thing’ or ‘minimalist way of life’, they are all different versions of less is more. You achieve more by doing less. Is more money equivalent to more happiness? Money can definitely buy happiness but after which happiness does not depend on money. Same is the […]

The one thing if you change will make you live life to the fullest

This morning while exercising, I felt lazy to do a new variety of Pranayamam which my grandmother asked me to do. She suggested that so that my morning sneezes will vanish. It has been a month she has told me and I have not taken any action on it. I was wondering why I am […]

How to get rid of Mediocrity

I felt mediocre. People who I went to college with are now in the US for higher studies. People who prepared for MBA exams with me went to top colleges. People who started working at the same time I did are now at a few levels higher than me and earning nearly double of what […]

13 Ways to make people like you

Who does not want to be that one who is admired by everyone? Everyone wants it. It is human nature too. Being valued and having healthy relations increases happiness by multiple-folds. But many don’t know how to go about it. The following are the characteristics I have noticed in people who are usually admired. You […]

How to build a happiness routine in 5 minutes

Riya: Hey! How are you? Simi: Great! How are you? Riya: I am doing great! The above conversation is one of the biggest lies of all time. I don’t know about you. But for me it is. I used to lie all the time when people asked me this question. Even if I was going […]

How to overcome self-pity and become mentally stronger

Mona: “I am the most unlucky person in the world. Entire world is against me.” Sona: “What happened?” Mona: “Everything bad happens only to me.” Sona: “Why do you think so negatively?” Mona: “What else do you think I should do? No one treats me well.” Does Mona really have a lot of problems to […]

Why should you write a diary?

  Have you ever wanted someone to write about you? Or have you ever wanted to write about yourself?  Even if you haven’t, then writing a diary might still be for you.  Somebody might just be able to learn something about your life (even if that somebody is you).   Writing a diary might not […]

Zentangle your way to happiness

Mona: Did you hear about meditation? Sona: Who doesn’t know it? It is something I have tried and failed Mona: Did you hear about doodling? That is the only thing I do in classes. Sona: How can I not know about it? Mona: How about combining those both? Sona: What?! Mona: Yeah, you heard it […]