5 Ways to get the most out of your day

You had a great start for the year with lofty resolutions. 15 days into it, you feel lost. You can’t find your path. You feel like a loser. You want to change for the better. You want more out of your life. But nothing seems to be working. You are drowned till your neck in […]

How to make a tough decision quickly

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! From the time you wake up to the time you sleep you make multiple decisions. A few decisions are easy and a few are tough. A few make you feel that you have taken the best decision of your life and a few will make you regret for ages to come. Did […]

Why should you have a mentor?

Rita: “ I feel lost in life. I need a mentor.” Gita: “ Why do you need a mentor for that?” Rita: “ To guide me, of course!” Gita: “Can’t you do it yourself?” Does Rita really need a mentor? What about you? Are you totally lost in life? Do you need a mentor? I […]

Why you should track your life?

I: “I want a fitbit. I want to track my steps.” Friend: “What are you going to do by tracking your steps?” I: “If I don’t know how much I am walking now, how will I know if I am improving?” Well, it is not just the steps per day. In order to improve in […]

How to make productivity tips work for you?

If you google for productivity tips, there are hundreds of articles to tell you what to do and what not to do. But even after following them, you will not see any results. You will still be frustrated and search for more. You will always be in the quest of knowing a simpler one, a […]

7 Reasons why you should not work overtime

Ravi: “Hey What’s up? What plans for weekend?” Rohan: “ Nothing yaar. I have some office work to do.” Ravi: “ Don’t you need a break” Rohan: “ I do. But work is more important” Is work really more important than taking a break ? Are they really after work? Or are they escaping reality […]

11 Small things which can improve your productivity

I have been giving excuses to take actions for the big dreams of my life. When I looked at the excuses closely, I realised that they were not really excuses. The big things in life need the small things to be right. Once they are all set, if you still give excuses you are blaming […]

Why less is more

Whether you call it as ‘80/20 rule’ or ‘the one thing’ or ‘minimalist way of life’, they are all different versions of less is more. You achieve more by doing less. Is more money equivalent to more happiness? Money can definitely buy happiness but after which happiness does not depend on money. Same is the […]

How does ‘Fake it till you make it’ work?

Today at work,   I (Looking at the amount of work I have done): I feel as if I have been acting since morning that I have been working.   Friend: You accomplish work by believing that you have done it.   That was a gem of advice. I have actually worked but it was […]

How to make best use of commute time

Lucky are those who don’t have to commute daily. But for a few of us it in indispensable. Pain in inevitable. But suffering is optional. It is no fun to spend time commuting. You can either complain that it is time wasted or make use of that time in doing things which you otherwise don’t. Here […]