10 Ways to Hack your Brain

Tired of doing things the hard way with little results? Learn how you can hack your brain today to see massive results with simple tasks. 1) Changing the breathing pattern:  When I sense that I am getting emotional, I immediately divert my mind. I start focusing on my breath. It changes my mind instantly. I […]

12 signs that you are wasting your life

  It is just one life so just enjoy it. If you are really enjoying it in creating productive stuff, then good for you. But most of the time people confuse enjoying to whiling away time. They think gossiping all day or watching TV all the day is enjoyment.  Why not say it is just […]

6 Ways to become the best at whatever you are doing

All of us aim to become better at whatever we are doing. How do we know we are becoming the best possible with our efforts towards it? Consistent efforts:  If something was too easy to get, it is below what you are capable of achieving. If something worthy was earned easily, you are going to […]

Organizing things paves way to Organised life

“Mommy! Where is my school bag?” “Darling! Have you seen my belt?” “I can’t find the file I need to take to work today.” A common scene in every house in the mornings. Despite being a daily headache, hardly any of us bother to come back in the evening and set things right. A few articles […]

Google Keep vs One Note

In the middle of a busy work, do random, exciting, creative ideas cross your mind? Do you out of nowhere think of all the places you want to visit in the world? Have you again forgotten the grocery list? Do you want to have the list of books you want to read handy and keep […]

Flow – Being in the Moment

‘Mindfulness’, ‘Be in the present’,’Just enjoy the moment’- You must have often heard these statements. You might know what that could mean or you might not know what that might not mean. But all those terms can be understood by practising flow.  What is this flow? Today I came across this word in a course […]

When is the right time to write a journal?

Did you ever think about writing a diary? You must have been an introvert if you did so. Not that extroverts should not think about it. But what happened then? Did you start writing? Were you scared of privacy? Did you think it was a waste of time? I am an introvert and diary is […]