November Review & December Goals

Here comes the last month of the year. The best thing about this year is I am still setting goals and working towards them. That is the best thing about monthly resolutions. If not for this, I would have long been lost in the journey and would not have reached even a single milestone. The […]

Grit- The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Grit- The Power of Passion and Perseverance Author – Angela Duckworth Print Copy | E-Book   I wish I read this book two years back. No one would have changed their career stream as many times as I did. My mom told me a lot of times to stabilize. I was foolish. I never listened to […]

TED Talks – The official TED guide to public speaking

TED Talks – The official TED guide to public speaking Print Copy I am not going to give a public speech any time soon. I was just curious on what goes into the preparation of those speakers who give amazing talks.You will be surprised if I tell you that you should read it immediately. Even […]

Creative Problem Solving- Course Review

Creative Problem Solving Created by: University of Minnesota One day, while I was struggling to find a technical solution to a problem, I heard the most feasible solution from a high level manager. That was when it striked me that it is not subject matter expertise which is going to take you to the top […]

5 Goals for November

60 days for the year to end. I can either look back at the months passed and regret what I could not do or look forward for the coming 60 beautiful days to achieve what I could not so far.   Here I go back in time, evaluating the past 31 days, not to feel […]

3 Favourite Novels of Bill Gates will make you rethink about life

  More than a book reader, I am a book collector. My week does not pass without checking book recommendations. I developed this obsession for the fear of missing out on the good books. Also reading the recommendations by other writers, it gives me a confidence that the books I am reading are going to […]

How to deal with Rejection

Girl Friend : (At the end of 7 years of a relationship) – It is all over ! Boy Friend : Feels dumped Interviewer : You are not selected! Interviewee: Feels rejected I : Can you please help me with this? Friend: I am busy! I : No one wants to help me The situation […]

September in Review

I can’t believe that 9 months have already passed. This is the 6th month under review. Time flew fast. Today when I look back I have done a lot of new things which I would not have done if not for this accountability. How did September go?   30-day Positive Challenge   This was a […]

4 Amazing Must-Watch TED Talks

  I came across watch a Ted talk everyday challenge at multiple places. But that is not the reason why I watched. I watched a TED talk because I had lot of mobile data. Keeping aside the jokes, I wanted to see how a TED talk can change my life. To your surprise and my […]

How to look for the positive in the negative

“Why should it rain on the day I have an important meeting?” “How am I supposed to go to office without it affecting my clothes?” “Why should there be so much traffic only today?”   There is no end to the train of negative thoughts. The meeting which would have went awesome will go okay […]