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Overcome Procrastination Workshop

Most of my clients start explaining their problem with this one statement. “I am lazy”. Even though this looks like a universal problem, they use this term to explain different things they are not able to get done. The reason for laziness not only differs from person to person but also from task to task. By classifying yourself as lazy for every task which has not been done doesn’t help in task completion. This workshop helps in bringing that clarity into why you are procrastinating and what is the best way to approach different tasks you procrastinate.


What to expect from the workshop?


1.Why do you procrastinate?


“Filing taxes is pending. Do you think the last day will get extended?”

“I want to launch my own Business. Don’t ask me when”

“I am yet to buy a dining table for my house.”

“I keep postponing my work because of work from home and watch Youtube/Netflix ”


If you call yourself lazy for all the above tasks and waiting for the God of Willpower to rescue you and achieve them on time, good luck with that.


Understanding the root cause helps in classifying each of them into separate buckets. Using the right method for the task makes you get things done effortlessly.


2.Can discipline be taught?


When you talk about discipline, what you are referring to is how do you make yourself listen to your commands. Without understanding how our brain evolved over the ages, it is difficult to tame your wild horse brain to listen to what you say. In the workshop, you will learn the art of self regulation by learning brain hacks.


Also, learn the tricks of how you can get things done without being too hard on yourself.


3.Why are your checklists not helping you get things done?


I too have checklists dating back to Jan 2016 which were not done until recently. Writing the checklist in the right way has helped me bring my tasks to closure.




By the end of the session, you are not only on the verge of removing the word ‘lazy’ from your dictionary but will also learn some productivity hacks to make the most of your time.


Workshop Details


Date: 23rd May

Time: 11 AM – 12:30 PM


Individual – Rs 500

Group (upto 5 members) – Rs 1000


If you are looking forward to bringing a change in your lifestyle, register for the workshop. If you can’t make it to the workshop, you can also enquire for a 1:1 session.


Happy overcoming procrastination!


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