2019 Week 6

This week was no better but the best part was getting back to writing and exercising.
1.Getting back to writing
Writing is an integral part of my life. Without it a part of me is disconnected. Even though my week was going bad, one thing which helped me destress was writing. Getting back to Quora was one of the best things I did this week. When others find my answers useful and tell me that I inspire them to be what they are right now, it gives me immense satisfaction. The comments on my answers on the first two days were on those lines. On the third day, Sean Kernan, a top Quoran upvoted my answer. That literally made my day. It was just that morning I was wondering how should my answer quality be if I someone like Sean has to upvote it. Sometimes it is so easy to attract what you want in life.
Irrespective of when I wake up, I made it a point that I was exercising at least for a few minutes if not for one hour. This helped me deal with stress better.
Writing diary helped me get back the connection with myself. It helps me put words to the emotions I feel there by reducing the emotions and increasing the logic. It helped me get back to my goals sooner as it is like a daily review.

Plans for week 6

I had been suffering from insomnia for quite sometime now. This has been taking a toll on other areas of my life. I want to make sure that I get at least 8 hours sleep and stop looking like a zombie.
I will go jogging at least for 10 minutes every morning.
I will eat at least one fruit a day.
iii)Skin care
I will apply something natural every night to bring a glow to my skin.
Worry is the major killer of time. Every time I start worrying, I will divert my mind to do what is the need of the minute.
That’s all for this week.
How was your week 5? What are your goals for week 6?
Happy week 6!

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