Book Review

Book Review – The Magic Path of Intuition

This is another book I picked up hoping to train my intuition skills. Even though the book had nothing to do with learning intuition, I found it very powerful. Each sentence was power packed with the right words which leave a great impact long after you have read it. This was a small book which I could finish in one stretch but at the same time it is a book which needs to be read daily till all the points are strongly internalised.


Key Learnings


  • Manifestation is not just about praying for things to happen. You need to show active faith acting as if it has already happened
  • Always choose the path of non resistance.
  • Bless the person who annoys you, angers you or cheats you. You get what you give.
  • When it comes to money, consider that you are drawing from the abundance of the universe and not from your job
  • You see what you train your mind to see. If you train it to see happiness, you will see only happiness everywhere
  • Be careful with the words you use to describe your situation or to describe someone. If you call ‘poor’, you will become that
  • If you are physically ill, check for the recent disruption in your mental health. A skin disease indicates mental irritation, torpid liver indicates condemnation and jealousy, a poor eyesight is due to fear and resentment, hearing issues stems from stubbornness and strong personal will
  • Watch your motives. If they come from a place of lack, you will end up in loss. 
  • Are you longing for it or feeling that you already have? This decides whether your desire to manifest comes true
  • If you are questioning how things will happen, you already lost the game. Faith is the source of manifestation
  • How frequently are you cleaning your spiritual glasses? Fear, worry and resentment will regularly taint your glasses.


What are you wishing for today?


Happy thinking positive!

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