December Review and January Goals

Wish you all a happy new year. Let this year bring more awesomeness into your lives. Even though I am done with reviewing the year, I have not focussed specifically on December goals. So here is the december review.

1.No complaining
This challenge has taught me more about goal setting than about not complaining. Not complaining is the final step of the process of complaining. The first step being not getting frustrated. Second step is not able to cope with frustration. Third step is complaining. So when I set this goal, I was stopping the third step which is worse. Because the damage had already occured. So it took me an entire month to redefine the entire way I was looking at the challenge. And yeah, I still get frustrated. So that is what I need to change. Not complaining but feeling frustrated has not done wonders for me even though not complaining is a good habit.


This challenge was also very vague. I had not set rules for myself. Does complimenting my mom everyday for the wonderful she makes comes under complimenting? Does commenting or messaging someone that they write really well come under this? I don’t know. I should have had a clearer goal to measure it effectively.

If not for anything, these two goals made me rethink about goal setting. I learnt that setting goals is one thing, but if the the rules are not in place you will never know what are you even doing in life. This also made me look at goal setting as a weekly process instead of monthly. When I was trying to not complain, it took me a week to go from one stage to another. So even if I fail in the first week, I will know what is the right way of approaching the goal in the second week.

Goals for January:

Sometimes I feel that I am expecting too much from myself. So I plan to shift to a calendar based goal system to avoid feeling disappointed for not meeting the over expectations.


The main thing I want to do in january is to track my food habits diligently and workout as much as possible. I will track the behavioral changes at week level.

Happy new year once again!

What are your goals for January? Share them with us in the comments section.

Happy January!

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