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It’s April already! Three months have passed in the new year. In the beginning of the year, I did not have any new year resolutions. Because too many resolutions for an entire year is just overwhelming. Hence I started off with monthly resolutions. I could not stick to them due to various unforeseen situations. I fell off the stairs and hurt myself. I was not able to exercise because of it. I don’t have a park or lot of trees in my area so I go for running along the beach. But on the days I wake up late, I have to inhale the smoke from the vehicles on the road. It took a toll on my health and developed acute dust allergy. So I had to drop running too. Reading newspaper was one of my goals. But I did not find any immediate benefits from it. So had to drop that idea. I started cooking in February, but then I was falling short of time in the morning to cook. It has been 45 days that I have done a piece of art since I had a new assignment to do. So my first three months are gone without accomplishing anything significant. 

You must also have had a lot of plans which went down the drain. It’s never too late. I want to be efficient in the coming months.I rewrote my monthly plans to make them more useful. Work along with me. I will make you achieve your dreams too. 

The following is my plan for the April:

Waking up early: 

I commute 3 hours daily. I feel tired by the time I reach home. The key to doing anything at all is waking up early. I don’t want to set any lofty goals for waking up early. All I want to do is wake up at 6 consistently. This is a definitely doable goal. This a keystone habit for the rest of the habits I want to develop.

Physical fitness:

I have been stuck at 20 push-ups since a very long time. My body is now used to this. So there is no growth. Habits are good, but when there is no improvement in the habit, it means they are almost dead. I want to push myself to 25 pushups to experience the growth.

My knee has not totally healed yet. It hurts when I put pressure on it. So I wanted to do a few new exercises which can be done without hurting the knee.


I sit only for 10 minutes everyday for meditation. Those 10 minutes are also not totally distraction free. I want to increase it by 5 minutes and do 15 minutes meditation exercise daily.



 I have started reading a lot of books in the March but did not complete even one. The amount of time I have spent on reading books has reduced. I want to set pages target of 20 for everyday. It takes me around 30 minutes to read 20 pages. It might be a little difficult to do it but it is still worth the try.


For the first t
hree months of the year, I wanted to write 8 articles per month. I could not reach this target. Because I had a monthly target but no daily habits around it. I will spend 20 minutes in gathering the idea on the first day and for writing on the second day and editing and publishing on the third day. Even if I take breaks on a few days, I should be able to publish 8 articles in the next month. Another obstacle I have been facing is a lack of topics to write on. I will make a list of 12 topics on which I can write so that I don’t waste time in thinking what to write on.


I have enrolled for https://www.coursera.org/learn/mindshift. I will spend 15 minutes everyday to learn a lesson from this course.

Action points:

>Write down the 12 topics
>Search for the new exercises

The routine I want to establish for April takes: 

Activity Time (minutes)
Exercise 30
Meditation 15
Reading 40
Writing 20
Course 20

On the whole, it is going to take 2 hours. And extra time is one hour. I can definitely find an extra hour in my day to fit this routine.

What is your plan for the April?

~What is the one thing if you change will set the other dreams rolling? Waking up early? Giving up watching TV? What is it for you?
~ In what areas have you become stagnant in life? How can you improve it in the smallest possible way?
~ Any hobby which has been on mind for too long? Just start it off in the smallest possible way this month.

Take the help of this worksheet for it. Fill the prompts. Track your goals.

Comment on your plans and progress in the comments section.

Happy monthly planning!

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  1. Exercise and Meditation in the morning. Watching course during breakfast.Reading book during commute. Writing in the night.

  2. I think watching course during breakfast is wrong activity,because eating is single activity you have to do with full concentration.please do watch this videohttps://youtu.be/KwHcTrYgBhg

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