2020 April Review and May goals

April is always the special month of the year as I turn a year older and hopefully wiser. To stay positive amidst the epidemic, I cut myself off from all the negative news and focussed on what is positive in my life. This helped April in being a fruitful month which helped me to get back to a lot of things which I never had time for in the past.

Review of April

1.Mindfulness Routine
April was one of the true mindful months I ever had. My day started with a gratitude diary followed by mindful brushing. Then my pranayama routine of Kapalbhati followed by Anulom vilom. I increased the time and intensity for both of these. Then I practise Hatha Yoga for flexibility and mindfully notice the muscles stretching in each pose. I enjoyed my morning lemon water by feeling it. Apart from these, I did the regular meditation and yoga nidra. I was never this relaxed. It felt like why haven’t I tried this before. 
To discover and continue my love for mindfulness, I kept reading books on the same topic. 10% happier, Mindfulness Workbook, Fear, Intimacy, Chakras, How to sit,Untethered soul. I also started reading Waking up and Letting go but just in the beginning. The other books which I read this month are Read this if you want to become a great photographer, Steal like an artist, Exactly what to say, Understanding color in photography,Tools of titans.
Every book I read has expanded my knowledge in its own way.

Plans for May

I am tempted to say that I will use the month of May for enhancing my mindfulness but it will be an escape from adding new habits. The one thing I do love a lot but have been ignoring for a long while is writing. So I want to use this month to get back to writing. I can’t commit for a 30 day blog post like I did in the past. The main reason why I was not able to stick to writing is the time it consumes to write a good blog post. So I want to take it slow and commit to an easily reachable target like 12 blog posts in May. Another question, which I always struggled with, was the topics. An easy topic now to write on are the pending book reviews since more than a year for all the books I have been reading. I have enough topics to last me for the next few months.
Keep watching this space for new content this month.
Stay Home. Stay safe!
Happy May!

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