Triggers to Glimmers

This service is named after my client who started sharing Glimmers at the start of every session. The featured image is a token of gift she shared with me to express how she felt working with me.

Glimmers are the tiny little things which bring so much joy into your life. Triggers are those which bring out the survival mode in you. As the name suggests, these 1:1 therapy sessions are for those who are ready to get deep into understanding themselves, why they react the way they do currently and how they can choose to respond to the same situation differently the next time.


What happens in these sessions is you take time before the session to reflect on what were the moments in the past week where you felt triggered or where you didn’t feel your best and bring those situations to the session for discussion. I will explain to you the psychological perspective behind  why you had to go through that, what made you behave the way you did, and what you can do differently next time so that we create new neural pathways. While this is the pattern in the long term, in the initial days I look into your significant problem areas of life and reframe your thinking in those areas so that I can restore you to peace.


These sessions are sacred to me because I share with you my deep insights on human behavior and offer you a new perspective and lens which is empowering and expansive which unlocks so much freedom in your life.


I have been an overthinker all my life which I learnt to upgrade into philosophy using my psychology background as a basis. What you receive will not be textbook solutions but holding space for your deep wounds by tapping into the wisdom I extracted from my own wounds and the practical solutions which work for your temperament.


What these sessions are not


1.These sessions are not a magical fix to problems in your life. I won’t be  making decisions on your behalf. I will only show you different perspectives to look at the problem from and various solutions to choose from based on your own values. When you are able to get out of your head and look at a problem from different perspectives, most of your problem is solved. Now if you have a victim mindset, these sessions won’t help you because you will have a tendency to want to look at your problem from your perspective alone. You should do your share of grieving before you come to the sessions so that you are in a ripe state for change.


2.These sessions are not monologue venting sessions. You might end up feeling better in the short term when I hold space for your emotions but in the long term you don’t benefit from it because we are not solving the root cause of your own behavior by looking at different elements of the situation and why you are feeling triggered and what you want to change about it.


3.I don’t build a structure for these sessions. I have other sessions which work on an agreed upon structure between the client and me. In this, I work with whatever you share and go deeper from there. Over a period of time, these sessions are driven by you. Every week, you bring the problems or topics which you want me to throw light upon. In some of the cases I suggest some new habits to build, but these sessions are fundamentally meant to bring awareness to your patterns. The change in your behavior comes from the deep wisdom you build to change the perspective through which you want to look at life. Since new neural pathways take time to build, regular sessions over a period of time will help you see the changes rather than coming for a single session every time you face a problem which you are not able to tolerate anymore.


4.These sessions are not motivation sessions. These sessions work on heart to heart conversations. They touch deep parts of you where you feel comfortable to look at all your parts without any judgment. You welcome love to the parts you hate about yourself. But for this to happen you should be okay with feeling vulnerable in the session. Now, not everyone can feel vulnerable in the very first session. Different clients take different amounts of time to be able to open up to their core deepest self which they have not explored with anyone else so far. You might feel like I am not even seeing any results in the beginning because these sessions are not for a quick win. These sessions are meant to help you build a bond with another human being at a heart level by learning to be comfortable with yourself. This is an experience for itself which changes the way you are in any relationship later on. For you to understand the benefits of this session, you need to be able to appreciate these kinds of bonds in your life. If that is not what you are looking for, these sessions are not for you.


If some of the above made you feel that I don’t have anything to offer you, you can enquire about my other sessions where I do result oriented work.


If this is exactly what you are looking for, enquire here

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