Overcome Procrastination Workshop

Most of my clients start explaining their problem with this one statement. “I am lazy”. Even though this looks like a universal problem, they use this term to explain different things they are not able to get done. The reason for laziness not only differs from person to person but also from task to task. By classifying yourself as lazy for every task which has not been done doesn’t help in task completion. This workshop helps in bringing that clarity into why you are procrastinating and what is the best way to approach different tasks you procrastinate.


Why attend the workshop?


When you google for ‘How to kill Procrastination’, you will get hundreds of results. You would have tried them too – ‘Pomodoro technique’, ‘Set goals’, ‘Write checklists’. If you had already killed Procrastination with those techniques, you wouldn’t be looking for a workshop. Those techniques don’t work because they don’t talk about how your brain works.

Attend the workshop to learn the neuroscience of your brain and find a solution for any and everywhere procrastination problem of yours. I will walk you through step by step details of how your brain influences your ‘Laziness’ and how you can hack your brain to do any task you want without ever becoming a slave to it again.


What other participants of the workshop are saying

The workshop was first conducted on 23rd May. Here is what those participants got to say:

“To effectively solve a problem, it is important to understand the causes of the problem. Nikitha’s workshop has helped me clearly understand different causes leading to my procrastination in different activities. This definitely helped me to come up with appropriate strategies to stop procrastination and start working on different activities that I have postponed in the past. Her tips around habit formation, were helpful in implementing those strategies. “

– Yeshwant Bathloor, 29

“Whenever I am putting off some work, I am contemplating about the root cause for my inertia. I also started writing smart to-do lists so that I can plan my work better and have no excuses to procrastinate. Reflection on the reasons for procrastination discussed in the workshop helped me realize that there are two major reasons which make it difficult for me to execute some type of tasks. “

-Kousalya Rao, 24

“I reduced my procrastination and did a few of my works on time. Got to know how to reduce and stop procrastination which we do in our daily life. This was useful to list out the work and do accordingly”

-Loukya Dacharam,16


Register for the workshop


If you are looking forward to bringing a change in your lifestyle, register for the workshop. If you want personal solutions, you can also enquire for a 1:1 session.


Happy overcoming procrastination!


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