2021 May Review and June Goals

“The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.”


May made me question my workout routine. I injured myself by overworking out and had to take a two week break. But that doesn’t make working out bad in any way. I am back on a 7 day streak from last week and this pumps me up daily.


An unplanned highlight of May is that I started meeting at least one new person online every week and some of them turned out to be interesting folks. I am excited about the number of new connections which I will be making by the end of this year.


Review of May


1.Balance energy


I have started working on this journey but I don’t have a clear way to measure the output. I am listening to binaural beats daily. I followed 555 manifestation method to write affirmations like ‘I embrace my femininity’. This method requires you to write an affirmation 55 times for 5 days. I am also reading more books on understanding the feminine energy.


2.Intuition and creativity


I have been spending almost an hour on Tarot every night and the journey has been quite interesting. I was able to understand the various symbolism used in the tarot and slowly working on my creativity. 


My intuition is also slowly improving now. When I do a one on one session with clients, I am able to gauge their inner emotions. I felt one of the clients spewing hatred when she was explaining her problems. I could feel another client blocking all his emotions inside him. Understanding their inner emotions has been helping me guide them on the right path.


3.Nurturing the inner child


I could discover a few of my childhood beliefs by working on my repressed emotions. This is just a start and I have a long way to go. 


4.Weekly Schedule


The Schedule was not really helpful. I need a state of continuum to get things done. On a few days, I am so deeply into a book that I don’t like a calendar invite disturbing the flow I am in. When I paint, I can’t stop in an hour. I painted another set of oracle cards and one hour wasn’t just sufficient to complete it. I sat for a 3 hour stretch because I didn’t like to be disturbed that state of enjoyment. 


I read Gita only one day. Piano has become an instrument to be used only for special occasions to dedicate songs to others. I didn’t get time to play Chess at all.


I conducted workshops on three consecutive Sundays which took a lot of time in preparing the content.


The most important lesson I learnt this month is that I should be doing less so that my mind is not excited all the time and can spare some time to actually ease into a relaxed state.


Plans for June


I am doing a series of workshops on coping styles this month and I don’t really have a lot of bandwidth to try new things. But there are two things which are the need of the hour.



I tried the Ho’oponopono cleaning method in April and it worked a few times in cleaning the energy. But I haven’t done that much in May. Even though I have a good meditation routine, without a solid cleaning schedule, my meditations haven’t been so great last month. I want to do some cleaning before I start my yoga in the evening to improve the meditation quality.


2.Fine tune my coping style


One of the workshop participants asked me to do the next workshop on ‘How to deal with unpleasant bosses’. I told him that I don’t have practical experience on the subject. I only preach what I practise. So I suggested to him some good books on that topic. 


Before I organise the workshops, I need to try out the techniques on myself and see which ones work the best. Hence I will spend my morning pages time on unearthing the unconscious mind.


How was your May? What are your plans for June?


Happy June!

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