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2022 Feb Review and March Goals

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.– Carl Jung


This month was all about dream work instead of mirror work. In the first week of February, I had a dream which when I followed up with was too good to believe. It got me curious and I got back to lucid dreaming and started documenting around 4 dreams per night. Now, I have a clear picture on the themes of my unconscious and subconscious mind. I am excited to learn more over the coming months. The only downside of this exercise is that it disturbs the sleep in between and sometimes I wake up not feeling rested enough.


Review of Feb


1.Spiritual journey


I feel that I have unlocked the next level in the journey with a few rare coincidences happening in my life. On the consultation side, I am happy about the difference I get to make to another person’s life through my Tarot and Astrology readings. On the learning end, I love how the Bhagavad Gita group discussions are shaping up.




I have been reading books majorly around spirituality related to Moon and intuition. I feel so drawn to the Moon that I started painting Moonology oracle cards. 



Plans for March


1.Workshops and 1:1 sessions


I have been occupied with data science concepts revision and unable to make time preparing content for workshops. But if there is any concept that you would like to master through workshop format, request here

For March, I am taking in only one person for 1:1 sessions and Astro-psychology reading


2.Working on Ayurvedic Rituals


Last October was the time when I got so deeply involved in Ayurveda, but sadly I have been following those rituals on and off. This month, I want to regularize those habits by picking up one each week. I also got a request for articles to be written on Ayurveda. I will share the practices which I have been following in the future blog posts.


How was your February? What are your plans for March?


Happy March!


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