How to know if it is time to move out of your comfort zone?

2024 is an important year for me both as my personal year number and astrologically. I want to channel most of my energy into manifesting all the beautiful things I have always dreamt about. To make this happen I need to change my physical reality in accordance with that.


Recently, I was asked multiple times by different people why I was changing teams if I wanted to focus on other areas of my life and not work. It was such a counterintuitive move that I made when I was so clear on my goals for this year. A stable job where I knew what I was doing and had the confidence of the stakeholders on my work would have been the easiest bet to keep things going in other areas of my life.


Why move out of comfort zone?

But here are some 5D reasons why I had to initiate and welcome this change


1.Destroy before you create afresh


Last November I did a deep course on chakras during which I felt the strong urge that I was done with the role I was doing at work. For your sacral chakra to work the best, you need to destroy what you create at a regular pace. For example, A tree goes through autumn to shed the existing leaves so that it can welcome spring. For women, a womb sheds whatever it creates every month, hence your menstrual cycle is a very good reflection of how well you create and destroy.


Listening to my inner voice on the need to destroy and let go of my existing identity, I set a strong intention that I welcome the new. On the first day of the new year, my manager told me that I am no longer part of the team and they will assign me a new team. The initial role assigned was not in line with what I looked forward to, I fought for a role which would give me a place to channel my creative energy.


Tapping into this creative energy will create the momentum for creative energy to flow into other areas of my life as I flow in this creative energy.


2.Embracing failure


I feared joining my new team given the amount of engineering work that they do and the number of production issues they run into because I don’t really enjoy engineering pipeline work. My heart was not really aligned to this role due to this. But for sure there was a lesson for me here. I realized that it is so important to be okay with failure if I want to take those big risks in my other areas of life where I can’t experiment. Your capacity to try those big dreams of yours is directly proportional to the kind of failure you can handle.The best way is to start small where you don’t have much to lose.


3.The people


The new joinee in my old team brought out the worst in me. I am in general a very compassionate and empathetic soul who sits with people through their worst saying the right thing and helping them embrace their lows. But the attitude of this new person put me off so much that I could not bring out any of my best qualities. Day after day, all I could feel was disgust. At one point, I realized that I was trying so hard to imbibe qualities into a person who was least interested in working. I had to learn that it is not my duty to fix everyone. They can live with their own substandard principles in life and if they want to do better, they know who to reach out to. And for me, here is not where I need to serve.


There were few other issues with the team in terms of structure, support, etc where I didn’t feel very aligned.By wanting to continue with people who don’t add value to my life, I don’t want to tell the Universe that I am okay with not receiving love.


My new intention,

“I am ready to receive love and support from the Universe in all possible ways. I open my heart to receive this.”


4.The stress and anxiety


I have a history of anxiety attacks and migraines. I previously worked on highly stressful projects with stringent deadlines and my health went down the drain. The existing team didn’t have those things and I was finally able to breathe and build my side hustle.


Moving out of the team scared me that “Why on earth would you leave something which was working so well for you?” The new team has stringent deadlines. Everything is fast moving. But here is my chance to face my fears and apply all my learnings from the past few years to stay calm under anxiety. If I want to build an empire in the future, I need to learn to do it for smaller things.


I want to learn to trust myself to be calm under anxiety and not my external circumstances which I won’t be able to control for the rest of my life.

A bird doesn’t trust the branch but trusts the magic of its wings.


5.Learning to be of service


A new intention which I have been working with is

“Dear God, Please allow me to be of service to people and places which need my energy and expertise. I surrender myself to be of service for the highest good.”

My new role is not about me but how I can be a channel for the divine energy which the team needs. When I am not stressing out about myself, “What does this manager think of me? What does this team think? Am I up to speed? How can I earn their trust? “, I will be able to focus better on just doing the work and let peace restore.


I strongly believe that every person I meet has either something to teach me about myself or I could be of service in some way, so it doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing because I am always at the right place at the right time.


This has been my story of learning how to use your comfort zone to build things and shed it when you want to move to the next chapter.


How can I help you?


I feel restored to my internal peace now and hence ready to serve the world.


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