What is Aura?

Have you ever got off a call with a friend and felt emotionally drained? Do you notice that when you go to certain places you are more likely to get a headache after that? Do you instantly feel calm around certain people? In colloquial terms, you may call it vibes. In spiritual terms, you can call it the same as Aura – the energy around a person, place or thing.


Does Aura exist for real?


There have been scientific experiments to prove Aura exists, one of it was Kirlian Photography where the aura around a person is also captured in the photographs. While there is science of Aura, the best way to experience Aura is through your own spiritual progress. 


How does one experience Aura?


Aura can be either seen visually or felt kinesthetically or both. Some of my friends can see Aura naturally and I feel it kinesthetically sometimes.  While it might not come naturally to everyone but by practicing a couple of exercises you can start seeing them or feeling them.


What are some practical uses of Aura?


For Beginners




Many times you might feel overwhelmed with your emotions and different tasks you need to do. It could also be all the negative emotions you are overburdened with. Whatever may be the case, grounding is all you need to let the mother earth absorb whatever you can’t handle.


2.Renewing the energy


Imagine a rush of energy around you which feels very pleasant to feel and experience that it takes away all the worries from you and blesses you with happiness. Aura meditation can change your mood in less than 30 minutes.


3.Occupying the space


Sometimes you feel that you can’t grow or thrive in a space because of the overpowering nature of others. It could be that you feel you have no say at your home because of how powerful your father or mother is. At work, you feel that there is someone else who is trying to overpower you. Learning how to occupy a space helps you create a space where you thrive and grow without fearing others.


4.Relieving pain


Pain occurs when there is no energy flow in a particular area of the body. Learning how to make the energy flow in this area provides instant relief.


5.Cord Cutting


How many times do you do things to impress others consciously or subconsciously? Can you differentiate between what you truly want for yourself and what others want for you? Do you easily forgive others or are you waiting for revenge? 


A cord cutting exercise helps you differentiate your energy from other’s energy and you can gain back the energy of yours which is stuck with others.


For Advanced Practitioners


Based on how you progress in your meditation and consciousness levels, you can start to see and experience aura to detect the state of body and mind of others. A person who is dying will have no aura 6 months before his death. If there is a disease about to manifest, it shows up in the aura as gray or black much before the disease shows up in the body.


My experience with Aura


I am not an advanced practitioner of aura but I was lucky enough to have practical experience before I learnt the theory behind it. 


1.Protection by Energy


As soon as I sit for meditation, my hand chakras open up and create a fresh energy aura around me. It changes my mood instantly. On the days I carry a lot of negative emotions, I experience how layers get peeled away around me.


2.Experiencing others Aura


There is a couple who visits us once in a while and their energy is so negative. For the first time I felt a pit in my stomach when they were talking. The next time I could feel how the aura in the entire room started feeling negative. Even though they act nice to us, their intentions and energy says otherwise.

During my one-on-one sessions with clients, I can feel what the client is feeling. Sometimes, a client doesn’t want to open up. I feel a battlefield shield in front of them. When I ask a client to feel where they are experiencing the emotion in the body, I also feel it along with them.

When someone has a good aura, I like their energy. It pushes me to elevate my own consciousness levels.

Sometimes when someone occupies an entire space with negative energy, I feel too repelled to enter into that space.


Overall, experiencing energy has opened a new dimension of life for me. If you would like to try it, you may register here.


Happy experiencing Aura!


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