Psychology of planets in Astrology

Whenever you dive into self-improvement, you get three kinds of results. The first kind is “I just have to do the work to see the results”. The second kind is “Why do I not see any results?”. The third kind will be “Will I ever see any changes in my life?” But when you don’t know which of the areas are rewarding, difficult and futile, you don’t put in any effort at all for the fear of failure. 


By understanding the psychological significance of each of the planets and understanding the placement and strength of them in your birth chart, you can choose your areas of self-improvement wisely.


Psychology of Planets




Sun is your father, soul expression, self-esteem, vitality. It depicts your purpose and what makes you feel satisfied at the end of a tiring day. It also depicts your ego, pride and how you want to be recognised. Sun talks about how you want to identify yourself and bring your unique qualities into the elements of that house. Just like how the Sun brightens the sky and is a source of power, it is the source of the power for the soul. 


If you have difficulty with your self-esteem, relationship with your father, unable to find purpose in life, Sun needs to be strengthened.




Moon is your mother, emotions, habits, food preferences, home, safety, homeland. It is about how you got nurtured and how much you want to nurture. It is the infant in you which is seeking trust, safety and nurture. It is the safe space where you go back home to and be yourself.


An unbalanced moon can lead to mood disorders, depression, attachment issues and impact relationships with mother.




Mercury is the planet of communication, speech, vocabulary, siblings, logical mind, analytical abilities. It is your learning ability. It is also related to the skills using hands. Your curiosity is depicted by Mercury. Your data organizational skills in the memory database is ruled by Mercury.


If Mercury is afflicted, you might notice some form of impairment in speech or fear in expressing your opinions. If your logical thinking or learning speed is weak, you need to strengthen this Mercury. A good mercury gives good relations with siblings.




Venus is the quality of materialistic beauty and ability to love, express compassion and share your resources. Your ability to create and admire art is also seen by the placement of Venus.


When Venus is well placed in the chart, it can even help you in spiritual progress. An ill-placed Venus, makes you select the wrong partners. If you are having trouble in a relationship, Venus is a planet which might be causing some issues.




Mars is the planet of passion, energy, assertiveness, courage. It is also a planet which talks about competitive spirit and participation in sports.


If your Mars loses power, you are timid and have difficulty in taking action. If your Mars gains too much power in a bad sign, it can make you violent and give you temper issues. A healthy Mars gives you good competitive spirit and the will to survive in bad situations.




Jupiter is the planet of growth, knowledge, wisdom, expansion, beliefs, spirituality and religion.


If Jupiter is well placed, it blesses you with knowledge, wisdom and spiritual path. If it is placed in a constricted position, it provides narrow views and limiting beliefs.




Saturn is the planet of efforts, fear, control, hard work, discipline, structure. It is the planet which teaches you things the hard way. In Jungian terms, it is called the shadow which is your subconscious and unconscious mind while Sun is the conscious self or the ego. 


If your Saturn is ill placed, it makes you do a lot of hard work before you see the results. One of the best ways to domesticate the Saturn is to start uncovering the subconscious and unconscious beliefs. This reduces the fear and helps you get in touch with your true self.


North Node


North Node, also known as Rahu is the planet of obsession and indulgence. It makes you want more and more of the characteristics of whichever house it is sitting in. 


Even though it might be an area of difficulty and fear for you, this lifetime is majorly about learning lessons of the house it is placed in because you were not able to focus on them in the previous lives. The initial learning might feel difficult but it feels rewarding as you are fulfilling the karma of this lifetime.


South Node


South Node, also known as Ketu is the planet of detachment and isolation. It separates you from the characteristics of whichever house it is sitting in. 


Even if you put in the hard work, you will not see much results because you have already experienced the benefits of this house in many past lives. It is detaching you from these elements in this life so that you can focus your energy in the areas of Rahu.




Ketu is the planet which will not give results even after a lot of hard work as this life is not about that area. Remaining planets provide easy and difficult results depending upon the sign and house in which they are sitting, degree of the planet, conjunctions and aspects, strength of the lord of the house. 


Note: Your birth chart shows your natural disposition. Your future and next lives can be shaped by your efforts. It is your choice to prioritize your areas of improvement based on your mental bandwidth and the amount of work you are willing to put in.


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Happy discovering your strengths!




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