My learnings from Tarot Cards

When I started reading books about mediums, I was fascinated by what they were capable of. I wanted to get a reading to experience it first hand. But all I could land up with a friend’s recommendation was a tarot card reader. When she started pulling out cards which exactly described my situation, I felt astonished. 


I decided to try them for myself and started experimenting with it. I found it amazing at how wonderfully they respond to your energy. Initially, I wanted to not believe it because that would be an insult to my logical mind but I had to surrender myself eventually.


The magic part for me was when I started reading for others, they were also able to resonate with the readings. Prior to which, I was always hesitant to read for others because I was afraid, “What if it doesn’t work for them?” 


Of late, I feel a strong pull to share my tarot knowledge with others. Hence I started doing readings and also planning to teach how to use Tarot.


My learnings


1.Quality of guidance


The quality of guidance you receive depends both on the querent and the reader. You will always receive guidance only upto the point you worked on yourself and the quality of the answers depend on how deeply the reader has worked on themselves and can channel the divine guidance. There are a lot of astrologers and tarot readers I follow as of today but there are very few folks that I feel called to and this changes every time I upgrade myself in some way. 


If you are reading for yourself, it is important that you focus on some kind of soul uplifting activities or meditation everyday to receive the right guidance.


2.Is it okay to pull the cards for myself?


It is okay as long as you are not a negative thinker where you predict doom for yourself every time you pull a card. A death card doesn’t mean that someone is dying. 


At the same time, you should not think of an outcome and twist what you see on the card to suit the outcome.


If you are under some kind of emotional influence, it is better to ask someone else to read for you so that bias is removed from the reading.


3.Can I see my future through tarot cards?


Some readers predict the future. But that’s not how I use it. I only use it to understand the underlying energies. To understand how to use tarot better, you need to understand how tarot works. Your current vibration carries all your worries and strengths. The moment you take any significant action towards the question you are asking, your vibration changes and so is your future. Hence I don’t prefer to talk about future dates and times with tarot.


4.Is the suggestion of tarot final?


No. You always have your freewill. You can either take it or leave it. There are some areas of my life which I have not put any effort into. Whenever I pull a tarot card for that area, I still get the same card signifying how I have not made any progress.


5.Does tarot say that our destiny is prewritten?


When I was writing weekly guidance for a client, I had to leave the tarot reading half way due to some emergency. When I got back to it the next day, I received the exact same cards which I pulled for this client the previous day. Does it mean that the client had some predestined events lined up? Yes. As long as he doesn’t do something drastically to change it, he still has to go through them. 

This reaffirmed to me how it is important to up skill ourselves everyday to change our destiny.


Would you like to learn Tarot from me?


When I first started memorising the meanings, it turned out to be a futile exercise. I noticed that a lot of tarot teachers randomly give key points for each card and say that class is done. My style of teaching has always been about self discovery. If you don’t discover it yourself, there is a less likely chance that you will retain it. I will teach you a tried and tested way about how I learnt to read tarot cards intuitively.


You will also learn the different non conventional use cases of tarot and how you can use it for healing yourself and others. 


You can enquire for more details.


Happy learning Tarot!


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