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Recently my husband started writing 101 reasons why I enjoy therapy sessions. While making that list I felt called to write this article to create a structure around different ways I can help you with Tarot and expand the ways in which I can help my clients make a difference to their lives.


Whenever I use Tarot cards while doing shadow work, I end up discovering something deep. Sometimes harsh truths come upto the surface. At other times it is about discovering how things are already beautiful and it is just me who is overthinking about the same. The entire process itself feels so deep as if I am connecting with my soul. If you would also want to discover yourself deeper and be more honest with yourself and start communicating with your soul, here are some options for you.


Different Packages for Coaching with Tarot


1.Single Question Reading


If you are feeling blocked or confused about yourself and can’t tune into your own thoughts and energy and would like to get some support, this is best for you. 


Sample Questions:

  1. What is the guidance for my career/relationships/etc?
  2. What should I do differently in my career/relationships/etc?
  3. What is blocking my ……. Chakra?
  4. What should I keep in mind before I start a new ……?


The guidance you receive from me is a guidance message, quote and questions to journal to break your limiting beliefs. If you believe in spirituality, I will be adding those remedies too. This will be delivered as an offline note in a google doc.

Note: The price for this is Rs 222. Follow up questions are charged separately.


2.In depth reading in one area of your life


If you have been stuck for a longer time in any area of your life, we need to analyze the history, discover your strengths and weaknesses and then set goals for the future. This will be done through a tarot spread. If you are into tarot and prefer a traditional spread like Celtic cross, horseshoe spread or any other spread of your choice, we go for that. Otherwise, I choose a spread which I feel suits best for your use case.


Sample areas: Career, relationships, Emotions – forgiveness/self love/anger,etc, spirituality – progress/chakras, etc


Along with area analysis, you will receive prompts to work on blockages and goal setting. Unconventional remedies will be provided for those who believe in it.


I offer both offline and live sessions for this. Price Rs 666 ( for 30 minutes) 


3.General Consultation


If you have multiple questions in single or multiple areas of your life, this session is for you. Self improvement prompts and remedies will be provided if it suits the questions. It is more like a normal coaching but we take help of tarot cards to discover subconscious beliefs faster. 


You can book a live session for 15 min, 30 min, 45 min or 1 hour. Price per hour is Rs 1500.


4.Monthly/Quarterly Coaching


If you already know the areas of life in which you are committed to make progress, we connect twice a month ( 30 min each) and choose any of the above methods to dig deeper into your limiting beliefs. If you need discipline and consistent guidance and motivation, you can go for the quarterly plan to achieve the same.


Monthly Coaching Price – Rs 1500 

Quarterly Coaching – Rs 4000


5.New Moon/Full Moon Reading


I make tarot spreads or single question readings for every new moon or full moon based on the Nakshatra and zodiac it falls under. If you are someone who connects with the moon and would like to get a reading for any of them, the price would be Rs 222 for one time. This would be delivered as an offline note along with journal prompts and remedies. 


If you would like to get one for every new moon and full moon for the next 3 months, it is priced at Rs 666 ( 6 offline readings)


For all the readings, I use Rider Waite Tarot Deck and 17 other oracle decks as of today and the variety will increase over time. 


If you can’t afford any of the above and would still like to get some guidance through Tarot, you can connect on Instagram for weekly guidance which I pull based on the collective unconscious.

If you want to know about my experience with Tarot, you may refer to this article.


Happy learning with tarot!




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