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Recently, I did a free Tarot pull session on my instagram with terms that they should be a follower and go through some of the reels to understand the right questions to ask. I felt irked with some of the questions. I am not irritated with them but they remind me of my younger self who didn’t know the right questions to ask.

The following series is not to disrespect or judge any individual but only a learning experience for everyone through examples.

The most beautiful question I received in the last tarot pull was – “Sometimes I feel my efforts are not enough. Sometimes I am not on the right path. How do I choose my path?”

I loved this question because it is something which everyone would have asked themselves at some time or the other in whatever they were pursuing. Even though the answer would be for the querent, the question itself heals a lot of people.

When I first started pulling tarot cards, I started it by pulling cards for what I write in my journal and this is how my statements looked like. And that’s what I consider is the best use of Tarot to understand what’s happening deep inside me.

The next best question was – “Are there any burdens I am carrying which I should release?”

This is one of the most simple questions you can ask to start shadow work. Some of the variants of this are
– What’s happening inside me right now that I should release?
– What’s that I am not willing to see?

In any area of life, especially for materialistic life like career, relationship, money, etc , asking these questions will get you the right answers as it will help you clear your limiting beliefs and hence manifest the desired future.

Another question which I received – “wanted to know about career growth”. My feelings were neutral towards this. But at the same time the question is so vague. Do you want to know whether you will grow or not? Do you want to know when it will happen?

Right reframing of this would be

1. I feel lost in my career path. What should I do?

This helps in acknowledging what you feel and the next steps you are willing to take.

2. I feel that I don’t see results even after working hard. What should I do differently?

This is about your willingness to change.

3. I have been handed the next position. How do I deal with it effectively?

It is about your willingness to start a new life.

In a free instagram story reading, if you ask a vague question, you will receive a vague answer because your question reflects that “give me some hope, some direction”. But if you reframe and ask the right questions, you will know what to do exactly. In a tarot session, I will reframe these questions for you for a detailed guidance.

The next question – “When can I get relieved from mental and monetary tensions?” This is where my irritation started. This person was not a follower but had the courtesy to follow my profile but has definitely not gone through the remaining content before asking the question.

Sometimes when people change their outside they think that the problems are gone. Like how when a child closes its eyes with hands it thinks that the world disappeared. When you ask a when question like this you are asking for the outside world to change and adjust itself so that you don’t feel triggered or upset anymore.

This can definitely get you some relief. But what about your inside? It will only get some breathing space when the outside world adjusts itself. If you don’t use this time to fix your inner beliefs, the same questions are going to keep haunting you for the rest of your life.

The right way to ask this is
1. What can I do right now to let go of my tensions?
2. How do I attract more money into my life?
3. What beliefs of mine are stopping the monetary abundance?
4. How can I reduce the amount of suffering in my life?

The next one was – “Will I get mental peace?”

Yes, right now. If you choose to experience peace, it happens in the now. But your question should be around,

1. What’s eating up my mental space?
2. How can I unburden myself?
3. What are the top three things I should work on to reduce the emotional baggage?

And this person who asked the question didn’t even have the courtesy to follow me when I mentioned it clearly as the requirement. He asked a question in the last free tarot pull too and didn’t even provide feedback or acknowledgement. When you keep taking services for free and don’t give back anything, you are accumulating a lot of karma and when the time for repaying comes it will be in multiple folds. A minimum giveback could be acknowledgement.

Apart from that, another enquiry I recently received was for an astrology session. Someone randomly filled up the form to contact me even without reading the instructions that I don’t do predictions which was clearly written in the form. I understand that she is going through a life crisis but that doesn’t mean that she reaches out to any random astrologer even without understanding their work. After my conversation with her after explaining to her that I will train her to change her beliefs through astrology she said that she will consult a proper astrologer. Why does she or anyone want some random astrologer whose work she is not willing to study decide if she has divorce written in her destiny? This is a question for every reader of this article. Why do you want to trust some unknown person with a major life decision of yours? Why not understand what’s happening and then you make the decision? Are you afraid of taking responsibility for your own life? Do you want a tool, destiny or another person to blame if things go bad?

When it comes to a therapist or astrologer, you can’t go only when you get a crisis. It’s similar to having a family doctor or a doctor you trust. So that you know your safe space when in a crisis.

Happy discovering yourself!

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