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Opening to Abundance – 2022 Nov Review

“You are what you believe”


November was another life changing month for me. The past few months have been about so many deaths and rebirths of myself. The more I am willing to shed the old skin, the more peace I experience and feel ready to the next level of challenges. The bright side of the process was about opening up to abundance.


Review of November


1.Opening to Abundance


My mentor told me that my energies have changed and in order to manifest it in a physical form, I should revise my prices. In accordance with his suggestion, I increased the price nominally. After 2 days, a client of mine shared a certain amount with me and said that is the amount she wants to pay for the sessions from then onwards. I had to reread the message to see if what I read was correct. For me it felt like, the Universe was telling me “Hey I told you that you have worked on your beliefs and you are ready to open up to abundance and since you don’t know how much to charge, I am sending it through this client of yours”. I have revised the prices to a sliding scale because when I started, I wanted to make sure that I am affordable to even low income clients.

While money might be a direct source or proof of abundance, gifts are another way to open up. Recently I have been planning to move towards a more feminine kind of journals with nice prints rather than the plain black cover journals. Another client gifted me the exact kind of journal I had in mind and a chain with a moon pendant. One of the most meaningful gifts I have ever received. My mentor gifted me Amethyst pendulum and Osho’s book on intuition. Amethyst is one of my most favorite crystals and the pendulum opened me to a new divination tool. 


Another way of receiving abundance was in terms of feedback. Usually when I send a feedback form, I don’t receive any immediate response. But for embracing the soul workshop, 4 out of 5 participants responded the same night. A lot of times I receive a lot of criticism from people who don’t understand my work that I am spending my weekends doing workshops for a meager amount. But those responses reminded me why I spend my weekends going that extra mile.


2.Processing my emotions


Spiritual awakening is not a one time process. It happens in waves. I experienced another round of awakening this month which made me feel like “There are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks when decades happen”. For 4 continuous days, my heart opened and expanded to be able to process a whole bunch of trauma which I once considered as impossible before. Sadly that happy spree ended with a traumatic incident and it was difficult for me to go back to that state of consciousness again.


The beautiful part of my awakening is how I transfer the same onto my clients. I have a long term client who has been coming to me week over week over the past one year. She has been slowly making progress and then falling back and then again making progress. But in the last month, every week with her felt like she was progressing exponentially. When I first started doing one on one sessions, my mission statement was “I want to teach at least 10 clients to think about a healthy way to look at life on their own”. But here I have one client who achieved the exact picture I had in mind. I feel so proud of how much she has opened up and how confident she feels about her resilience towards life. 




The past few years have been majorly spent in changing my beliefs and now is the time for me to build a new life wherein I no longer fall back on my old patterns of dealing with things. I have been working on my own life and journaling deeply for the upcoming course on ‘Manifesting Love’.


Plan for December


December is going to be majorly about relaxation. This year has been a life changing year for me and I have been on the run all the time. December is that time of the year to slow down, pause and reflect on how far I have come. With all the hustle bustle of daily life, I hardly ever take time out to do nothing. I want to practice more and more of this doing nothing and not feel guilty about the time spent in that.


December is also about me checking off an important item on my bucket list. I will share more about it in the upcoming review post.


How was your November? What are your plans for December?


Happy December!


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