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Mystical Pondicherry – 2022 Sept Review

Last month, I received a feedback which was filled with entitlement of why there is not enough free stuff on the website despite me creating so many thought provoking reels on Instagram consistently. In order to avoid such a situation repeating, I set an intention on what kind of clients I want to attract in my life. This month three of my clients told me/asked me to be their mentor. At the same time, I was also learning the difference between mentor and counsellor in astrology. It felt like the Universe was reaffirming on how I prefer quality over quantity. By the end of the month, some of my clients have also started paying me more than what I officially charge conveying about the value they have received over the years. 


Another theme was, I noticed that some people are extremely draining to my aura. I was sick for a week after meeting one such person and learned that I should protect myself more strongly. Another week was gone by in the long days of my office commute. Despite these, there are three highlights for September.


1.The Mystical Pondicherry


If you ask around about Pondicherry, they call it the place of cafes and drinks. For me, it was like heaven on Earth. I went through a deep healing, saw confirmations for my healing, experienced some of the must watch things of nature (my bucket list), discovered new astrological remedies in a deeply relaxed state, added some beautiful shells to my collection, and experienced some really tasty food. It was 3 days packed with unlimited fun and with its own ups and downs. I loved the energy I had when I got back to do all the things I always wanted to do.


2.Connecting with Ancestors


I did some service in the name of my ancestors and in turn received their blessings. I also organised a meditation on the same to help others connect with their ancestors. I finally set up the ancestors altar, which I have been planning to do for months. Overall, it was a good start and I will learn and go much deeper into the practices next year.


3.Intention Candle making


Given how much I like colorful things, I have been eyeing to make my own candles for a very long time. I finally ordered a candle making kit, infused them with scents, herbs, crystals, shells, intentions, mantras. It was a beautiful process to make it and use it. Right now, I am making it only for myself and my family. But if you want one from me and you are in India, I can make one for you. I am not doing bulk orders, just a few based on what intentions you would like to set in your life.


Plans for October


I spent the entire day yesterday, reflecting on different areas of my life and made a list of journal prompts and actions that I could take for the coming month and the quarter.


1.Connecting with the Divine Feminine


I wanted to try this last year but I wasn’t sure where to start. This year, I enrolled in a session, started reading a couple of books and would like to continue this beyond Navratri to see where it takes me. So far, I feel good about the new things I have been learning about myself in this process.


2.Learning to receive


Most of the people in my life make me a mother to them. Nurturing is something which always came naturally to me. One of the aspects of connecting to the feminine is also about receiving. A few months back when I was actively working on this theme, I felt that I changed a lot. Now I accept compliments, gifts and money more easily than before. But when it comes to a few more aspects, I am yet to let go of the need to keep giving and move towards receiving.


3.Mindful consumption


I want to be more mindful of the food, thoughts and content I feed myself on a day to day basis. I am pushing a reset button so that I get back to my mindful state from a chaos the last month had been for me. 


How was September for you? What are your plans for October?


Note: If you need help in planning for October or the last quarter, you can schedule a life coaching or tarot session with me.


Happy October!


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