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I decided to reinvent my life when I was tired of the rat race in 2016. This website here is a by-product of that. I started to choose to do things based on what my heart yearned for. Over the years, I experimented a lot on myself. I learnt different techniques on productivity, habits, emotions, spirituality to become the person I am today. 


With the expertise I have gained over the past few years with both formal learning (MA in Psychology), self learning (reading 100s of books and working on myself) and self healing (applying my learnings) today I offer services in terms of one-on-one coaching and workshops.


The aim of my coaching services is to not make you dependent on me but to help you find the light within. In a roller coaster ride called ‘Life’, you know that ‘Happily ever after’ is a myth. The sessions are meant to help you get back the confidence inside you, find the inner peace in between the turmoil, and find the resilience to get back on your feet sooner. These are the results I saw in myself from the self-work I have put in. The more aware you become of the unconscious forces which run your life, the more easy it is for you to gain control over life. You can always achieve these results by being more mindful in your everyday life. But if you want some quicker results and don’t want to go through biases, you can hop on this journey by choosing me as your guide.




I use various techniques for helping you with solutions. Some of which are narratives, perspectives, belief work, CBT, NLP, etc. If you are spiritually oriented, you can check out Tarot and Astrology for life coaching.


Talk Therapy


In talk therapy, you can talk about whatever is bothering you in your life. I teach you how you can observe your life as a viewer and not define yourself with your problems. I offer a different perspective, brainstorm and help you see the root cause.

You can also book this session if you need one time advice in any area of your life.

You can make the payments on a sliding scale based on your affordability.

Single session (sliding scale): Rs 1500-2500/-

4 sessions in 4 months package – Rs 5000 – 10000/-

Each session duration – 1 hour


In the talk therapy package, I may use inner child healing sessions at my discretion with your permission.


Inner child healing / Guided meditation Healing


I will take an intake to understand your problem and then go through a guided meditation to use NLP and belief work techniques to let go of the incidents. You can repeat this later on your own. The results are long lasting as we change things at subconscious level.


Inner child healing helps in fixing the root cause. Perfect development through all the childhood stages is rare. If you don’t like the way you behave in a certain area, it could be because you are stuck in one of the stages of development. In a guided meditation session, we go to a time where you were stuck and give closure to that part of you. Trauma healing is also done in a similar fashion.


Single session (sliding payment scale): Rs 3000 – 4500/-

3 sessions in 3 months package – Rs 7777 – 12222/-

Each session duration – 1 hour 15 min


Common Consultation Themes


1.Habits consultation


If you feel that you need more discipline in life or have been feeling unproductive, I will help you understand the neuroscience behind breaking and forming habits and making your days more productive. 


Number of sessions:

You can choose one time consultation if you just want to understand logic and can inculcate the same in your life. If you need guidance till you reach your goal, I suggest you go for weekly/biweekly/monthly sessions.

On an average, it takes around 4 sessions to get into sync in a habit if you lack discipline in general.


2.Career consultation


Most of the career consultations are one session consultations. Some of the common questions are:


– Should I go for MS or job?

– Should I settle in India/Europe/US?

– Should I go for a private job or government job?

– Should I go for a startup or well established company?

– How do I study/focus better?

– How do I work for my promotion/deal with bosses/co-workers?

– How do I start a career in Data Science? 

– How can I become a life coach?


These questions can be answered in one session. But if I identify some deeper problems and if you like to work on them, we will continue the discussion in further sessions.


3.Life purpose

The other set of consultations are around finding life purpose. If you feel dissatisfied with life and want to figure out what you should work on to find satisfaction and purpose.


I will help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and help you make a good choice based on your value system.


I suggest that you choose a modality like astrology also while you choose this consultation to come to a conclusion in fewer sessions. Nevertheless, from my experience, the conclusions we come to through discussion with or without astrology are the same.


4.Love/Marriage consultation 


These consultations can be broadly classified into:


– Never been in a relationship and would like to start one

– Failed in relationships (breakup/divorce) and would like to figure out what’s going wrong and start afresh

– how to choose if the person is right for you

– Pre marriage counselling

– Married but unable to navigate through marriage

– Happily married and wants to deepen the connection


5.Emotional Well-being


Emotions play a huge role in our peace of mind. They rule the decisions we make in our daily life. You can give diagnostic names like depression, OCD, bipolar, ADHD but at the end of the day it is about how we regulate the emotions and balance the hormones in the brain. 


Whatever is not letting you have peace of mind comes under this. Some of these could be- anger management, stress management, forgiveness, self-esteem, depression.


If the problem you are dealing with is not listed above, you can still reach out and we discuss whether we can work together on the same.


You may refer to the FAQ here.


Enquire for a session here. Discounts are applicable for low income group.


Happy reinventing yourself!


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