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Angelic Connections – 2022 Oct Review

“True healing occurs when I give myself permission to feel whatever feelings live below the triggers” – Gabby Bernstein


This month for me revolved around this quote. I went through multiple rounds of healing sessions working on some of the life changing limiting beliefs. Whenever you go for inner child healing, womb healing or past life regression, you don’t necessarily have to see it as a real story. It could be images or imaginary stories and you manipulate that to experience healing. Rarely I go into real incidents during my healing sessions but by the end of the session, I let go of a lot of repressed energy.


Review of Oct


1.Connecting with higher power


This month I started reading books on connecting with angels and I received signs to approve of the connection. I bought an angelite angel crystal and the very same day an intuitive friend of mine mentioned that he can see two angels in my house and conveyed their messages to me. On another day, after my meditation with angel crystal, I received a notification that I won an angel healing candle. I received so many other signs which kept pushing me to pursue and deepen the connection with them. I have been calling them into my meditations to receive their healing energy when I do inner child healing.


My connection with Unicorns has been established now and they show up every time I go on a trip in very unconventional ways. They always have a surprise for me.


I read My Hanuman Chalisa by Devdutt Patnaik which helped me further deepen my connection with Hanuman. I have received signs for the same on this too. On my visit to some of the powerful temples of South India, I could connect very deeply with God in a way which never happened to me before.


Overall, it was a very blissful month for me with blessings of the connection with higher power.




I have worked extensively on the beliefs around receiving and my healer confirmed that I have finally let gone a major chunk of them. Now, it is my turn to keep practicing the new set of affirmations to reinforce the changes. 


Plans for November


1.Working with the energy of the Antardasha


The main theme for this month is for me to learn some skills related to the astrological antardasha I am going through. This is one of the trickiest dashas in life. I can’t change what might happen but I can prepare myself for what is to come.


2.Sessions and Workshops


Sometimes the sessions planned for inner child healing get used up for talk therapy and vice versa. In order to bring more structure to my therapy sessions, I created a format here. You can register for a one on one session here.


I plan to dedicate November to preparing the content for the upcoming workshops of Nov and early 2023.


Workshop in Nov : 


  • Embracing the soul – This workshop talks about why we need to take birth and the meaning behind our suffering on earth and what are the available resources for us to find more joy in life. I will also be sharing pointers from my own spiritual journey.


Workshops in 2023:


  • Transform your beliefs – This workshop will not help you in inner child healing and understanding your parents better but also will give you the foundations on belief work
  • Manifest Love – This workshop will help you clear your deep seated limiting beliefs around love and build a skill set in attracting and keeping love in life.
  • Understand Fear – While the most common advice for fear is to face it, there are other good options too to use it to your advantage. I will talk about the origins of fear and how to overcome/use your fear to progress in life.
  • Basic Astrology – I will cover in depth about each planet, zodiac and houses which will help you understand your own behavior and that of your closed ones. I will also provide exercises on how to embrace each planet and their placements.


If you are interested in any of these workshops, do let me know here


How was your Oct? What plans for Nov?


Happy November!


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