2021 Sep Review & Oct Goals

“What you give comes back to you ten-fold” – Brenda Bence


In the past one month, I saw an instant display of Karma. After organising the 5 week mindfulness course last month and seeing the impact of it in my life, this month I organised two meditation workshops on Focus and Better Sleep. In the week I taught focus, I was able to focus for four hours straight on the work I was doing without feeling saturated. The next week when I was teaching meditation for sleep, I started sleeping 10 hours a night against the usual 6 hours every night. The impact felt quite profound and interesting.


Review of September


1.Crystal Meditation


Even though I was not meditating on them daily given the complicated process to program them, I saw some results. One of my crystals broke in the first month itself showing their work. Looking forward to many more such experiences.




This month, I read ‘If truth be told’ by Om Swami. It piqued my interest in Mantra Yoga and I picked up ‘Ancient Science of Mantras’ by Om Swami. I also read ‘The New Earth’ by Ekhart Tolle which I consider a life changing book. I have become more aware of my ego after that and I have been observing it so that it will not rule my life like before. Apart from this I read a couple of books on Astrology, Vastu, Graphology and dedicated a major amount of time for the workshop on understanding parenting.




I should say this was a disaster. The month started with my husband bringing a kitkat the first thing in the morning and putting it on my table and asking me to eat it as a sign of accepting his apology. While I appreciate his efforts to apologize with a token of gift, I had to have a talk with him on how he should change his gifts so that I don’t break my diet to not break his heart. 


For this month, I am tracking what rule I am breaking across the headings of deep fried, processed sugar, jaggery, wheat(gluten), maida, dairy, GMO food. This gives me a more realistic picture on what I should eat less of and what are the reasons why my diet fails at times.




I published 6 against the 7 articles which I wanted to publish last month. It is not like I have not written, but they could not go beyond the draft stage. To be honest, one of the days, I have written such a deep article that moved me and brought up so much stored anxiety to the surface that I could not go on with writing after that. I needed a break from writing such stuff. Overall, I want to stick with writing at least 5 articles a month which is practically feasible.


Plans for October


There are so many things I want to do but I hardly find time. A lot of my time goes into daily office work, household work, meditation and yoga that I can’t make any more time to start something new. The book I planned to release for Dasara is nowhere close to completion. The Instagram page which I wanted to grow is on hold. On a few days, I hardly have any energy left to put some work into growing my side hustle. 


I decided to make a few major changes to my life. 

  • With all the workshops I have been doing, I spend very little time with my husband. So I will cut down on my yoga time and play a sport with my husband. 
  • I will reduce spending time on meeting strangers to build my network. I will go for quality over quantity
  • I will not meditate multiple times a day just for the heck of it. I will instead deepen my meditation with whatever one or two times I can afford to do
  • I will stop starting my day with a phone. No phone until I finish my morning routine. This will give me more quality time in the morning.
  • For the next month, I prefer not to do weekday sessions until I receive any urgent requirements. 
  • Prepare a weekly food schedule so that I don’t spend time on pondering what to cook


With the freed up space, I want to see what I can do differently and how it can improve my productivity.


The major habits I want to pick up for next month are


1.Chanting mantras

In my childhood, my grandmother taught me mantras to recite before doing everyday tasks like switching on light, taking bath and a few more. But I hardly remember any of them today. I came across mantras in the book by Om Swami again which reminded me of those days. I want to make a habit of getting back to chanting at least two mantras this month. This has nothing to do with religion and more about finding a way to tap into the potential handed over through ages. 


2.Staying in touch with scriptures

A few months ago, even though I progressed till the second chapter of Bhagavad Gita, I could not keep up with it after that. I don’t want to be ambitious. I will read just one sloka each day as prescribed by Om Swami. Just after my gratitude diary, so that it becomes a habit.


3.Celebrating Navratri

Navratri is a good time to balance the yin yang energy in the body. I am looking forward to deepening my meditation and bringing energy balance.



How was your September? What are your plans for October?


Happy October!


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