This simple exercise will help you take charge of your life

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How moody are you on a scale of 1-10?

Oh wait! Don’t jump and give your answer. How do you define moodiness?

If you have no consistency in what you feel in a short period of time, you can call yourself moody. You can rate yourself 10. If you are a more stable person, even if you are negative all the day, rate yourself close to 1.


How moody are you?

After reading the article, let me know about it in the comment section.

If you are close to 10, you need to definitely work on becoming more consistent. Even if you are close to 1 and it is because you are constantly feeling negative emotions, you still have to work on it.

But how did you measure yourself in the first place? Were you too harsh on yourself when you gave yourself that rating? Or were you too lenient? How do you know that you judged yourself in the right way?

I was not interested in learning whether I was a moody person or not. But I wanted to track my emotions and learn what life brings out of me everyday. I wanted to take a peek into my life and change it totally.

I searched for a few apps on android to see if there are any which will help me on my project. To my dismay, I did not find any. Then I went ahead and created a excel tracker to write down what I feel at which time of the day.

I diligently entered what I felt at various times of the day. In the first one week, I made too many entries. I had too much free time I guess. As the days passed, there were days when I was so busy with work that I did not feel any emotion at all the entire day. It was just neutral. I did not know what to enter in my tracker. And there were days when I did not know if I was describing my emotion correctly. I went and searched for definitions of emotions to make sure that I am not misleading myself.

Today, with the more than a month’s data I collected, I made a pivot table of the data and glanced through the entries to understand myself at a deeper level.

I got some interesting results. I found that my life was simple. I classified the emotions into negative, neutral and positive.

e were 3 main issues which made me feel the negative emotions and two trivial issues like getting annoyed with loud volume of songs in cab and very low temperature of A/C in office.

The issues which I classified under neutral were random ones.

The positive ones were doing activities where I was learning something new or talking to people who matter to me.

To make my life better, I just need to resolve the three main negative issues and do more of the positive things.

Making your life simpler is also easy. You need to have the fire to change your life and take charge of it by changing what is causing the trouble.

Happy tracking your mood!

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