2018 April Review & May Plan

April has been amazing month. I have higher expectations from myself for the coming months for what I did in this month. I clicked a few wonderful photographs which helped me discover my creative side in photography. Also the release of my first book, which I wrote in 3 weeks were some of the moments which made April a very grateful month.

Review of April

1.Publish book
It was elated to publish my first book. More than the writing part, it was the discipline which I developed through the weekly and monthly challenges which I have been doing helped me achieve this.
2.Finish assignments
Each assignment I finished made me feel accomplished. It looked like an insurmountable task at the beginning, but when I broke it into parts it was doable.
I could complete a bit of syllabus during morning commute time but there is a whole lot of it left still.
I could not get time for courses at all as I was busy with the book.

Plan for May

There is only one major goal for May. It is study for the exams which I have in June. I need to take a break from my extracurriculars to concentrate on my academics.
I will cover the small impromptu plans for May in the weekly goals.
How was your April? What are your plans for May?
Happy May!

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