2019 Week 4 Challenges

I can call this week a failure or look at it as a learning. I was at work for more than 12 hours a day which left me with hardly no time for my hobbies. But I will take it as a learning and not keep too much on my plate for this week.

Review of Week 3

It is easier said than done. When the circumstances are overwhelming, it becomes difficult to separate emotions from logic. With insomnia, everything goes haywire.
2.Connecting online
I made a list of websites for which I can write mails to. It is easy to comment on answers on Quora or Instagram but it is difficult to make that connection work.
3.Learn 7 kannada words
I raised a question on Quora from where I could learn 7 adjectives.
I usually read books whenever I find breathing space. But I could not enjoy reading books because they also involved using my brain.
The only thing I could make time for last week was for courses. I made use of the time I take to fall asleep to do the courses.
Camera Control
This course helped me understand the different types of lenses and gave me a clarity on the type of camera I need to buy. It wasn’t an eye opener but definitely gave me the foundations I very much needed.
Craft of Plot
For those of us who are lazy to create an editing checklist, he made a checklist to go through before publishing the work. It would have been great if each of the checklist was explained
What didn’t work well
Due to hectic work life, this week didn’t go as planned at all. It was really difficult to have a proper sleep schedule which took a toll on other parts of life.

Plans for Week 4

What did I learn today which will help me to be better tomorrow? This is what I will question myself every night.
Apart from squats and skipping, I will start off with starter push-ups and planks.
I am up to my brim in my personal and professional life. I don’t want to push myself into sleepless nights under the name of improving myself. It is okay to have small goals a few times.
That is all for this week. What are your goals for this week?
Happy week 4 !

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