2019 Week 3 Challenges

It was one hell of a busy week. It made me learn to squeeze my learning into the schedule.

Review of Week 2

1.What makes my day good
This gave me the two or three important things I want to focus on for the day. I wanted to do this to get motivation to wake up from bed and that purpose wasn’t served.
Even though I had a few bad days, feeling grateful for what I had made me look at the brighter side of my life.
3.Don’t imagine
This was the toughest challenge of the week. The more you don’t want to think about something, the more you end up thinking about it.
4.Collecting emotional moments
In theory, it was a very interesting activity. When people were talking to me, I left my work and paid attention to them. But it will take some practise to get that connect to feel that an emotional moment can be collected.
5.Learn 7 Kannada words
I asked a question on Quora for verbs in Kannada and my job became easy to learn. The easiest part of learning verbs was that a few of them are from Tamil and a few others from Telugu. There is not a lot of effort in learning Kannada if you know other South Indian languages.
Maadi – Do it
Banni – Come
Kudiyiri – Drink
Thinni – Eat
Kudi – Give
Tagolli – Take
Common sense on mutual funds
From so far I read, the author was complaining about people removing and adding money with market fluctuations making them a short term investor. Doing further research on the keywords used in the book, has made me a little equipped with financial terms.
4 Hour work week
The chapters I read this week were motivational and packed with a lot of action points. I will be taking up one after the other over the coming weeks. It was not really for earning a second source of income but for becoming the person who can become one.
How many stairs do you climb daily?
I just read a few pages. The key takeaway for now is that we live so mindlessly now but as kids we used to observe everything so well in our surroundings. That is the reason why majority of them don’t even know the count of stairs they climb and colour of them.The book talks about how Holmes is different from Watson and how even we can be like Holmes by just being more mindful.
Cameras Exposure and Photography
The last week of this course helped me learn a few more technical terms. There is neither practical knowledge from it nor I am good at theory but it does provide some basic information which every photographer should know. Since I was not watching with an intent to memorise everything, it needs to be redone for me to start understanding and using the terms in a deeper way.
Craft of Plot
It is an interesting course where the speaker was translating something as abstract as creative writing to a set of rules. I am yet to digest and imbibe them into my writing.
What didn’t work well
Since I was still recovering, I couldn’t experiment on exercise, food and skin care.I haven’t spent any time on progressing in my academics either.

Plans for Week 3

Irrespective of whether you agree or not, Pareto’s law (80/20 rule) has infilterated into our lives. I will put a conscious effort to figure out the 80% of the things which are just eating up my day and the 20% of the things which are driving the results.
Since I haven’t exercised last week, this week I will do what I couldn’t in the last week – 30 squats and 300 times skipping daily.
The same applies to food too. I will soak two almonds in the night and have the same next morning.
iii)Skin care
Since I haven’t done the last week routine, this week I am just going to apply turmeric.

“No one can hurt you without your permission.”

If you are feeling any negative emotions, you are giving the remote to another person or external circumstance to control you. I want to take ownership of how I feel.
I will expand my online network. Every day, I will message or email at least one person online.
In continuation of the photography course on coursera, I will go with the next one in the series – Camera Control. Even though I play with those settings daily, a little bit of academic knowledge doesn’t hurt.
I am left with the fourth week of the course The craft of the plot. I will finish it. Along with that, I will start reading Hey Whipple, Squeeze this. I want to learn just one tip a day. Not more than that.
This week is dedicated to learning my favourite adjectives from other languages in kannada.
I will read just one page from the book daily before going to sleep.
6.Mental agility
I will learn to be more mindful and start observing my surroundings. I will read a few more pages of Mastermind for more such ideas.
7.Second source of income
The action points I picked up last week from 4 Hour work week are good enough to learn time and work management. I am excited to know what more the book has in store.
Even though the book on mutual funds is dry, I will try to read at least a page a day.
That is all for this week. What are your goals for this week?
Happy week 3 !

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